Argumentative Essay About Pharma

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A few years ago my family faced one of the most tragic events life had thrown at us. My stepfather was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer after he had unexpectedly suffered from a grand mal seizure one night at dinner. I, being so young, suffered from nightmares and anxiety due to witnessing all the pain he had to go through. After brain surgery, radiation, and many sessions of chemotherapy the doctors had told us he was now in remission and the cancer was at a minimum. A short three months went by and we had many great memories including my mother and stepfather having their wedding they had planned long before cancer interrupted. Although those months were great we were clueless to know that our time together was coming to an end. My stepfather …show more content…
Many believe that the pharmaceutical industries are strictly a beneficial organization that concentrates on ways to provide new medicines to conclude individuals with outstanding health. It is also believed that these pharmaceutical industries provide honest knowledge to their upcoming student 's that currently intern that will soon be great pharmacists after school is finished. While this may be somewhat true there are some factual reasons why it is not strongly incorrect. Pharmaceutical industries do focus on studies to discover new medicine although more importantly to them they focus on advertisement and influence. More money is spent on advertisement to introduce and persuade these prescription medicines to the people of America than there is spent on research for new medicine. This is simply because they are a big business. The pharmaceutical industry would not stay in operation without this propaganda needed, yet they are labeled corrupt because the amount of money made off of this advertisement is being taken advantage of. Pharmaceutical industries do care very much for their new employees that have finished through pharmacy school yet they have slowly been teaching them that the corrupt ways of influence are necessary throughout their careers. Without cheating the system and telling a false accusation here and there they would simply not profit enough money off the exact dollar they should be selling these medicines for. Yes, of course, they do need to profit in order to keep their industry in operation yet they are making so much more than the average profit rate they could be applying. Pharmaceutical industries do many great things for our people of America although if they provided us with more sincere information we would probably have better medication and health for our

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