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  • When Hostess Went Wrong

    I took my mother to Chili’s today (5/7/16) for an early Mother’s Day lunch; the experience was embarrassing and unacceptable. The hostess takes us at a table with crumbs all over seat, before I say anything she gets a napkin and pushes all of the crumbs off the seat and onto the floor however, crumbs are still all over half of the table, I didn’t say anything to her. After we sat down our feet literally stuck to the ground, before opening the menu my hand and arm got very sticky from some substance on the table. I opened my menu with the inside inserted upside down from it not being stapled together and see dried BBQ sauce that is an inch thick from top to bottom right down the center, I walked to the front to exchange it and I politely hand the hostess the filthy menu and…

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  • Infant And Toddlers Child Care Case Study

    products. The place is big and children go from one area to other without any problem. The areas are well divided and the toys are according with the age to avoid injuries or choking. There are small tables and chairs where children do their activities and eat. Teachers clean the tables with a specific substance to avoid contamination. The restroom is inside the classroom and has a small toilet and sink. Children use it without a problem. Also, there is a changing table with diapers, gloves,…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Losing Table No. I. D.

    Losing Table Number 5 Daniel was no ordinary girl. According to her granddad, she was very unique. He would always tell her that she was capable of doing remarkable things in the near future, but Daniel didn’t believe her granddad. Daniel and her granddad were the only two people left in the Everstein family. They lived in a dirty old shack behind an elegant penthouse. Daniel couldn’t go to college because they couldn’t afford it. This was why she worked as a waitress in an old-fashioned diner.…

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  • Regional Cross Place Research Paper

    It be at least forty-five minutes until we would get our table and order our food. The hunger in me was eating me alive! I was starving. I at least ate two little baskets of chips and salsa. The little gadget Coach Martin had started flashing violently and making a weird noise, and that right there was our cue that our table was finally ready. The waiter picked us up at the entrance and walked us to our table. While we were walking to our table I couldn’t help to notice that, that restaurant was…

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  • Riverside Drive-Personal Narrative

    sound when walked on in heels. You walk farther and look to your right, there’s a bathroom with a small step. There are cream tiled floors and a sink with a mirror above it. There’s a glass shelf and on it rests a fluorescent orange vase with fake daisies with stems made of plastic. There’s a toilet in the corner directly across from a small painting of a stamp with a cocktail design on it. You exit the first bathroom and close the white door. Across from the bathroom is a cupboard filled with…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Gambino's In Fairhope, Alabama

    feel the air conditioner air on my face and I see the famous floor to ceiling wall of photos of the owner’s family members. My favorite one is of a little boy with spaghetti all over his face. After I have a chance to look at the wall we are seated right way, because of our five o’clock reservation. A reservation is crucial to make, because without one you will be waiting in a line out the door that could last over an hour. There are several rooms that you can request to sit in and my family…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Red Lobster

    The host walked us back to our table and it was not even set yet. The table looked as if all they did was removed the dirty dishes and set the table top book back up. There were still water rings on the table. A thick layer of butter covered the one end and chunks of food were all over it. The seats were just as bad as the table and I had to use my hand to brush off the seat in order to sit down. The host apologized for there being no silver wear on the table and got us some. She never said…

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  • The Neighborhood Observation Of A Home

    If company did randomly show up this room would be used for entertainment. Growing up the basement looked a lot different due to the random flash flood in University City in 2008. It was a rainy Sunday morning on September 16, 2008 and the creek behind the house began to overflow. The water stated to run towards the house and knocked until it stated to flow in the basement. Terror was on my parents face when the dirty Mississippi water invaded the basement. It only took a few minutes before the…

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  • Objective Observation In The Classroom

    duration of 30 minutes. J.H is a five-year-old male in an ICT classroom. The class has 16 students and two teachers. The classroom tone was quiet and calm. The lights were turned off, windows were open and sunlight shined throughout the classroom. At the time of the observation, the special education teacher, Ms. H, was leaving because she was in the process of recovering from surgery. The general education teacher, Mrs. W, lead the class from the recess yard to the classroom. When the students…

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  • Karmel Epilogue

    wife felt compassion for the fatherless lad and his widowed mother. She insisted she needed help with the household chores when he sailed. He hadn’t been on a ship for almost a year. Peta cried when he approached the topic of letting the lad go. He gave in to her and Karmel stayed. “Bah!” Ashulti groaned, throwing the empty cup across the room. Karmel took a step back, the tray of bread and cheese tipping. “Just leave it on the table.” Ashulti barked. The boy moved to the basket of…

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