Briargrove Project: Metrics And Trend Analysis

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Briargrove Project Monitoring and Success
Anthony Redhead

Grantham University Project Management Integration Framework (BA 647)

As the Briargrove Project has completed multiple phases within the corporate offices, it has finally addressed with success has locations around the world. Through project risk management, the Briargrove Project has identified risks and has assessed those risks to see which ones can be mitigated or corrected, and how to monitor them at the probability of occurrence. In the case of outsourcing resources, risk mitigation was used in order to look and review efficiency and cost of the services and equipment that has been outsourced. Briargrove has outsourced human capital, Information Technology
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It is compared to the baseline plan of the project with what and where the project is now and identifies the differences, which is also known as a variance analysis (Vinnem, 2014). This variance both good or bad is further analyze to see its effect on the project, good variance may give the opportunity to improve future work while bad variances can negatively impact the project and as such requires attention. It is imperative at this stage to know what the causes of the variances are and why they occur. Knowing this allows organizations to provide the best solution now and for the future. A variance such as a project completing on time may be a good thing, however a delay in a project may affect the start of a new project or loss of money. An example would be when a contractor is building a house, it should be completed in around four weeks certain critical components are being shipped in from a different location, and there was an accident with the dry wall being damaged. This sets the project back since new dry wall has to be reshipped. Now the time has to be made up on the construction portion of the project. During variance analysis its realized that continuing construction of a project with a crew of one hundred men is going to run the project over budget on staffing, and cutting staff by half can still get the job done on time …show more content…
Briargrove has taken the advantage by performing risk assessment through the four-stage cycle and making better informed decisions based on supporting data. What the Briargrove Project has shown me is that in order to receive the full benefits that risk management can provide, organizations must be prepared to deal with the risks and potential downfalls. Three factors that I’ve improved during this course and project are what resources are needed, understanding of different project deliverables, and the implementation of risk management and assessment. Because of this course and the Briargrove Project, I have a better understanding of what resources I should use on projects and programs. I have a better understanding of what it takes to get a project completed successfully. For example, assigning individuals to the right tasks or positions, and the importance of team cohesion. I understand that every project is different and it entails different deliverables, important to lead-ers as the details are what will be the deciding marker of how and why a decision is made in a project. Whenever an organization has a new project, one of the first things that must be done is define the deliverables for the project. The deliverables on a project are the specific work products that you have to produce in order to complete the

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