John Clifton Bogle's 'Enough'

A book by John Clifton Bogle, founder and former CEO of the Vanguard Mutual Fund Group and one of the greatest investors in the history, titled “Enough”(2009) is a relatively quick and good read in the financial literature genre. Although the book’s jacket is not very attractive— it has no photographs or illustrations, its title, in my opinion, is quite catchy, and attracts ones’ attention. Moreover, the title does encapsulate the main message—that the average investor feeds at the bottom of what is today the tremendously costly food chain of investing. The table of contents of the book as well is a good short review of what is awaiting the reader. For example, the Chapter 1 is titled “Too much cost, not enough value”, the Chapter 7 — “Too much Management, Not Enough Leadership”, and the Chapter 8— “Too much focus on things, not enough focus on commitment”. John Bogle is an author for total of twelve books, with the most popular being “The Little Book of Common Sense investing”(2007) (WHERE I KNOW THIS FRM. As all of his books serve educational purpose in the financial literacy, “Enough” is addressing people, who are interested in or are already doing investing in stocks and bonds. The main motif of this masterpiece is how financial sphere is …show more content…
leaders (on a side note, this was one my favorite chapters of the book). He outlines the distinctions by citing Warren Bennis, a management guru, and writes ”The manager is a copy; the leader is an original”, “the manager focuses on systems and structure, the leader focuses on people” “The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it”, and other similar dogmas, essentially, recommending that there should be more qualitative leaders and more good managers. Bogle also makes a remark on virtue and retells the two famous questions by Benjamin Franklin, “ What good shall I do today” and ”What good have I done today?” recommending to reconsider our own

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