Independence Day

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  • Why Is Independence Day Important

    Independence Day, July Second 1776 July Fourth in the United States of America is the day that we as a nation celebrate our independence from the British Empire. Although Independence Day is celebrated on July Fourth, it should be celebrated on July Second, because that is the day that congress truly motioned for independence. There are many factors that led to July Fourth becoming the national holiday celebrated today. From misconceptions about the actual day of signing the Declaration, to delayed celebration due to the ongoing fight for independence. Also including the deaths of both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on July Fourth, 1826 (Pahl pg. 214). Events such as this are said to have cemented the day into history more so than it ever…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Independence Day In The United States

    Independence Day is not some quaint celebration of the past and it certainly is much more than frankfurters and fireworks. The American Revolution and its resulting independence was a bold and courageous conception authored by an intrepid bunch of men where a nation could engage in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as creed and not some fictional fairy tale. Such a gallant vision by our Founding Fathers came with a high price – the hangman’s noose – provided they failed. That’s…

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  • Essay On The American Flag

    explores the dissenting opinion and views that rank and file citizens have on the flag itself. The last part of this short research paper expounds the argument that the power blocs ultimately have the power to determine the true meaning behind the flag where this meaning is acknowledged nationwide. American Flag: Symbols and Significance The American flag was conceived in 1777 by the directives of the Continental Congress. The creation of this flag symbolizes the conception of an independent…

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  • Manipulation In America

    What a lot Americans fail to realize is that slavery still occurs in America and it is paid for through lack of knowledge. The United States of America was built on the back of immigrant ancestors, but the irony is that the same people are kicking them out. Money feeds a hungry nation, and when there is nothing left, we do away with the foundation. These ancestors are nothing but items that can be bought on a famous punch line like “ the pursuit of happiness’’ but sold for dirt and hard work…

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  • Independence Day Speech Analysis

    Quinney’s writings, “Independence Day speech”, he portrays history and accounts of Europeans, the American and the Red Man. He characterizes the 4th of July as the day of the “birth of a great nation, but also the recollection of a transfer of the miserable weakness and dependence of his race (Indians) from one power to another”. Quinney also tells us how the wise Red Man foretold the coming of “a strange race from the sunrise (the white from the east), who would eventually crowd them from…

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  • Reflective Essay On Independence Day

    I don’t celebrate my Independence Day on July 4th; I celebrate it on July 31st, 2015. This is the day that I told my father that I was done. I was done with seeing him and I was done dealing with the crap that he made me deal with. I was sick and tired of feeling my blood boil, my eyes getting teary, my heart pounding in my head, causing headaches, or myself leaning over the toilet, literally not being able to keep my dinner from that night down. The anxiety I felt from thinking about having to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Day Of Independence

    July 4, 2007 the day of independence ironically where my journey would begin. Glistening pillars of iron towering over the beacon of democracy and liberty. Beautiful beaches 4,000 miles apart, a playground for dreamers and innovators all across. This magnificent land being envied and respected simultaneously, the moving pinnacle of society. This land is where I was headed far from the upcoming yet comparatively shackled society rooted from the Amazon. A young, raw, and impressionable mind noting…

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  • Personal Narrative: Independence Day Of My Life

    In the “Bull City”, it was Independence Day in the United States of America. My best friend and I, as usual planned to go to Downtown Raleigh for fellowship and fireworks. As always, I am not permitted to do anything until all my chores have been done. I earnestly completed my household duties, grabbed my belongings, and went on my way to pick up my best and headed to Raleigh, NC. While on our way, I thought to myself what a great night it was going to be. My best friend’s name is Me’Cha. We…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About Independence Day

    see what had happened. People were screaming and yelling, begging for help. People are passed out on the floor. Policemen telling people to evacuate the site, and get back into their houses. And I feel motionless, just standing there, as if my nervous system had just decided to take a break. I'm just standing there praying, hoping he will be okay, hoping that I wouldn't have to say goodbye. In blistering Texas, it was America's Independence Day. As usual on every Independence Day since I…

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  • Historic Filipinotown

    Understanding the patterns of immigration contributes to our conceptualization of place as a site of action and agency (amerasia journal). The first immigration wave happened while the Philippine islands still belonged to Spain and Manila galleons would stop by the United States for trade purposes in the 1860s. Some Filipinos ended up staying in the United States, but their numbers were too few to maintain a place and retain memories. The second immigration wave, also known as the manong…

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