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  • Personal Narrative On Halloween

    and sister to go trick-or-treating without me so that I might complete my work. Somehow, despite the incessant ringing of the doorbell and the tremendous amount of work, I finished early. Unlike previous years, I did not have a clue what to wear for my costume; consequently, I ran to my closet to assess my options. Soon, a brilliant idea spontaneously materialized in my head, and I immediately got dressed. When I emerged from my room: I wore red shoes, white and red socks, long red shorts, a shirt with the word Canada across the center, a Canadian flag mask, red sunglasses with Canada's flag on the lenses, a Canada baseball cap, and a Canadian flag cape. I was… “Captain Canada!” A few minutes later, my sister and mom returned, and I was able to go out with them. As we were walking down the street, I saw a kid dressed up as Captain America. We both walked up to the same house, and he asked me who I had dressed up as. “Well Captain America, I am Captain Canada,” I said as I looked over at him. My costume attracted a lot of attention that night as I walked down the street; people did everything from complimenting and smiling to outright laughing. Looking back at the tenth grade, I am surprised that I even had time to participate in the holiday. I was taking AP World History, my first AP class. Keeping up my grades in the class was one of my biggest concerns, but surprisingly, it turned out to be a relatively easygoing class without much homework. Throughout the year,…

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  • Film Analysis Of Jed Cavalcanti By Wes Anderson

    what people are doing back then, when the community is not heavily focused on technology, people are interacting with each other, grouping together and watch the race. Even the kid in shot 3, came to watch the race with people who are older than him, in comparing of kids nowadays, almost all of the kids now are holding a smartphone on his hand, not like back then, they really have their dream, what they want to be and what they admire of. Also, Anderson’s films are full of visual splendor, he…

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  • The Importance Of Being American

    Disney. Just taking a glance at my class no one, I repeat NO ONE, has anything close Disney on. Just talking to the school’s administers they struggle getting students to even show up to school. At that student council camp it was flag day. I have never before in my life celebrated flag day, but the flag was raised we stated the pledge. Then chanted USA, but flag day there are other flags not just the US’s so why chant just ours can we not celebrate Australia's flag too? SO with all the ideas we…

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  • The Canadian Flag: Red-White-Red

    Red-white-red is a color combination of the Canadian flag. A maple leaf is a Canadian symbol since as early as 1700. When the Canada Day rolls around, the best way to celebrate the summer holiday and surprise your kids and guests by making healthy and delicious treats, baking cakes or cookies, and using the red-white color combination and maple leaf shapes for food decoration. White is for peace and red is for bravery, so celebrate the Canada Day with fabulous, brave and soothing desserts in red…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Jeep Car

    The Jeep car is important to me because it was the first car that I grew fond of, at the age of six. That’s when everything changed and I finally knew what I wanted to become when I grow up, an automotive mechanic. Now currently I am in the automotive shop at PCTI and learning to be the best of the best. Basically, everyone that knows me, are aware that I’m in love with cars and no one can change my mind about it. I’m also very known for my tallness, which i used in my everyday life to help…

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  • Theme Of Adversity In Literature

    the time between his running away and the battle at hand attempting to justify his actions, settling finally on the line he had left being “the imbecile line” and convinces himself that running was “full of strategy” and “work of a master’s legs” (41). Henry’s mind quickly evades the tactic of running and exchanges it for courage in battle. The change between fear and dauntlessness can be clearly seen on page 101, in the moments before Henry becomes the bearer of the flag. Crane writes that in…

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  • Camp Edwards Narrative

    had to retreat back to the docks where we began. Although the race was never finished, I was extremely impressed that my friends never tipped the boat over. Operation Pegasus Inferno is agreed upon by my friends to be the most enjoyable game played during Camp Edwards. The game had two large teams consisting of a mix of campers and counselors. One team started in kayaks out in the lake while the opposite team guarded a flag on the beach with tennis balls. From my view out on the lake, I was…

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  • Canada Coat Of Arms

    Canadian Coat of Arms Canada’s coat of arms is an important design that contains highly important symbols, but some of these need to be refreshed. In the initial design, the crest was represented by a lion, but we replaced this symbol with a totem. The totem represents the First Nations people, as the have a strong connection to Canada’s history. However we still decided to keep the crown to represent Canada as a constitutional monarchy that is run by a sovereign. On the right of the totem…

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  • Patriotism In Canada

    Finally, Prime Ministers succeeded in creating patriotism amongst Canadians during the 50s and 60s. There was much to celebrate during 1967, the year of Canada’s Centennial, but the highlight was Expo 67. Over 150 million people came to Montreal, Canada’s largest city at the time, to experience the year-long fairs that remains one of the greatest birthday parties in history. 120 countries were represented at the fair with 53 pavilions, and highlights included the gigantic U.S. geodesic dome, the…

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  • French Canadian Language Analysis

    Almost all French Canadian’s first language is French but the official language of Canada is English. It means French Canadian need to speak English too. However, They have respect for their own language so they want to independent from Canada. In that time, How their mind was change with history. Quebecois were worry about being minorities in their own territories. Mainly after 1960s, they have held discriminatory feelings of fear and confidence because everyone can speak English but they…

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