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  • Destruction In O Connor's Pompeii

    War, ashes, and devastation and the city of hopeless reconstruction. Pompeii illustrates destruction in order to show nobody is safe from danger at any time. The purpose of the telling of Pompeii is to present the world with history from a former city that was once prosperous. The thought of people having to look death in the face is a thought that would be found terrifying. People were suffocated by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and ¨For eighteen hours the ash and rock kept falling¨ (O'Connor chapter 1). Everyday life came to a crashing end. There were many witnesses that saw Vesuvius tearing away at the city in a fiery rage (O'Connor chapter 1). Many of these civilians were sadly ravished by destruction (O'Connor chapter 1) Although most of the people were buried in ash ¨The dead bodies of Pompeii have always been the most powerful images, and attractions, of the ruined city¨ (Beard 5). People come from everywhere just to take tours and see the bodies. One of the main things about the city of Pompeii is that it is a land of growth. Their people ¨grew olives and grapes and tended flocks of sheep¨ (O'Connor chapter 1). Which helped provide work and food sources for civilians and families. There were many farms and vineyards in the city (O'Connor chapter 1)There had to be many workers to harvest the grapes and olives because of the quantity of the produce (O'Connor chapter 1). Using the sheep, in addition to the other products, was greatly appreciated, because the sheep could…

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  • Nola Nadermann Hero

    subtle things that mean the most, whether that means comforting an elderly person who will never remember you, or even helping an exhausted mother in labor who never knew you were there. Many people aspire to be heroes, but never quite get there because they lack in drive and willpower. Nola Nadermann shows drive and willpower everyday of her life. With all the setbacks Nola has faced and her work as a nurse over the past 40 years; Nola Nadermann has shown over and over that she is as heroic as…

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  • Nola Joorisity Case Study

    consisted of 13 questions and Nola Joorisity answered these by drawing from her work experiences in the past four decades. These questions were based around aspects of Job design, including motivation, efficiency, mental capacity, motivation,and health & safety. Nola answered all of these questions to the best of her knowledge pulling from her experiences and offered us some insightful opinions on the subject matter. When interviewing Nola Joorisity, we first started off asking her questions…

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  • Nola Pender's Health Promotion Model Analysis

    Nola Pender was born August 16, 1941. She was a nursing theorist and author. Nola Pender is the creator of the Health Promotion Model. She was a Professor at University of Michigan School of Nursing where she taught baccalaureate, masters, and PhD students (Miller, nd.). Her model is used internationally for research, education, and practice. Dr. Pender had been educating nurses for over forty years. Nola Pender started studying health-promoting behaviors in the 1970's and the Health Promotion…

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  • Nola Darling: Character Analysis: She's Gotta Have It

    Nola Darling, the female protagonist of Spike Lee’s 1986 film She’s Gotta Have It defies the social mores of her community by proclaiming and living a lifestyle in which she is economically independent and sexually liberate. Nola unapologetically enjoys sex with her multiple partners: the rich and egotistical Greer Childs, the playful and immature Mars Blackman, and the secure, yet overbearing Jamie Overstreet. She is very open with her lovers, honest to a fault, where all of her lovers are…

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  • Case Study Of The Health Promotion Model By Nola Pender?

    shifting medical patients into surgical wards, which exacerbates a surgical patient’s condition due to delayed intervention. Middle Range Theory Description The Health Promotion Model (HPM) by Nola Pender is a highly versatile, holistic approach as it can be applied to individuals, families, and communities, and across age groups and cultures. The model fits a patient education approach to resolving the problem with poor patient compliance. Using HPM, the nurse takes on the role of educator…

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  • Analysis Of She's Charming Have It

    “She’s Gotta Have It” is a momentous film that captures the dynamics one woman, Nola, encounters in her personal relationships, as she pursues multiple partners. Throughout the movie, Nola has three consistent partners; each possesses a distinctly different personality and manner in which they go about dating Nola. Nola is a young and successful woman who is unsure of what she wants in romantic relationships, so she seeks out multiple partners. Despite the many manipulations and domineering…

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  • Match Point Aristotle

    he goes behind Chloe’s back to cheat with Nola. On the other hand, it can also be viewed that Nola is being used for sex and noting more. Furthermore, as the movie goes on and Nola becomes pregnant, the scenario in which the Chris murders Nola arises. Having also killed Ms. Eastby’s to convert up his tracks is truly tragic because of the fact that she is a nice character who has done nothing wrong and gets tangled in a plan as collateral damage. The death of Nola is also very tragic as she was a…

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  • The Theme Of Violence In Little Scarlet By Walter Sperley

    Kevin Sperling 11-1-15 English 101 Essay #2 Nola Payne as Little Scarlet In the novel Little Scarlet by Walter Mosley, his great purpose in writing these characters is at times ambivalent about violence and the roles it should play in his life. He wants to have a life that’s peaceful, law-abiding, and fruitful existence. Mosley is emphasized numerous times by his ego-driven aspect. He is measured by his capacity for willing to partake in violence to protect himself as well as the people. It is…

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  • Galileo Research Paper

    From what Nola Taylor Redd wrote is that, “He is perhaps most known for his discovery of the four most massive moons of Jupiter: Io, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto(Nola Taylor Redd).” What the Writer is saying is that the four biggest moons of Jupiter were discovered by Galileo. Now the moons are called Galilean moons after the person who discovered them. Also from the same writer Nola Taylor Redd, “He was the first to see craters on the moon, discover sunspots and track the phases of venus. The…

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