Destruction In O Connor's Pompeii

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War, ashes, and devastation and the city of hopeless reconstruction. Pompeii illustrates destruction in order to show nobody is safe from danger at any time. The purpose of the telling of Pompeii is to present the world with history from a former city that was once prosperous.
The thought of people having to look death in the face is a thought that would be found terrifying. People were suffocated by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and ¨For eighteen hours the ash and rock kept falling¨ (O'Connor chapter 1). Everyday life came to a crashing end. There were many witnesses that saw Vesuvius tearing away at the city in a fiery rage (O'Connor chapter 1). Many of these civilians were sadly ravished by destruction (O'Connor chapter 1) Although most
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Pompeii had graffiti everywhere “The majority of homes across the city of ancient Pompeii contained graffiti within their interiors, with certain larger homes featuring up to seventy examples or more” (Benefiel 2). There were large homes that contained murals of graffiti but there were also moderate-sized homes in ancient Pompeii that had several wall-inscriptions (Benefiel 21). There was graffiti in the House of the Four Styles that was left only in specific places and had distribution that gave hints of things that took place there (Benefiel 21). The graffiti left on walls can tell of the people that resided in those areas or even the thoughts of the people (Benefiel 21). The graffiti would tell stories just like art today does “One conversation among the graffiti centres on a group of women, a demographic segment all too often invisible in the archaeological record” (Benefiel 21). The Pompeians had different ideas of housing than we do now. During the fourth century B.C. democratic equality was brought into the design of housing (Zanker 5). There was far less furniture and what there was, was much lighter and portable which could be made for easier movement (Zanker 1). The society of the Pompeians would most likely be considered

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