She's Gotta Have It Character Analysis

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“She’s Gotta Have It” is a momentous film that captures the dynamics one woman, Nola, encounters in her personal relationships, as she pursues multiple partners. Throughout the movie, Nola has three consistent partners; each possesses a distinctly different personality and manner in which they go about dating Nola.
Nola is a young and successful woman who is unsure of what she wants in romantic relationships, so she seeks out multiple partners. Despite the many manipulations and domineering attitudes displayed by her suitors, Nola maintains an ever-present sense of awareness of her independence. However there are multiple points in which her confidence as a liberated woman wavers due to traumatic experiences, including incessant scorn towards her sexual habits, which eventually leads to her rape.
The first man, Jamie, initially comes off as a caring partner with overall well meaning intentions. However, it is apparent extremely early on in the film that Jamie seems to have alarming underlying issues in his relationship with Nola and as a person himself. One key aspect of Jamie’s problematic traits is that he is overly possessive of Nola and who she interacts with. This dominative behavior is only amplified when Nola interacts with Opal, the only blatantly lesbian character in the film, as he expresses homophobia, jealousy, and suspicion towards Nola and Opal’s friendship.
The second man, Greer, is a narcissistic model who is unduly preoccupied with maintaining the image

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