Film Analysis Of Jed Cavalcanti By Wes Anderson

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In the short film "CASTELLO CAVALCANTI" by Wes Anderson, everything is taken in a scene where is in an Italian village. The setting is filmed around that area, never film in elsewhere. The cinematography of this short film is Darius Khondji, who got many international awards and nominations. There are a lot of repeating camera movement and camera position are used in the film for example the pan and the eye level shots. The whole film has a rich color of red and yellow, the setting is taken in an Italian village, where the place is not that grand and kind of simple. Jason Schwartzman as Jed Cavalcanti has a lot of dialogue around him, he is the one speaking and starts a conversation with people the in whole film.
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There are many funny and interesting diegetic sound in this film, for example in shot 13, Cavalcanti crashed and he gets out of the car, then he swears and said it is not his fault, it is the steering wheels have problems. Another one is when he meets his ancestors Michelangelo, he said “ciao” with his ancestors and he even slap Michelangelo in his face, maybe it is a form of greetings. But it is really funny when I see it. At the beginning when he crashed, it is playing some pressing and hurried background music, which makes the audience feel he is anxious and agitated but after talking to his ancestors and the bartender, and starts to feel how the village people are treating him as a family by not collecting his payment for the alcohol, he starts to cool down and feels like he is part of the community, and that is when the background music changed, to like a happy ending music. To show the audience he does not care about the broken car and how anxious he felt when he crashed. Furthermore, at first, I thought the background music is a non-diegetic sound, because the music is coming outside the frame, it is just playing in the background. However, after the bartender changed the channel of the radio, the music changed, I then realized that it is a diegetic sound, because the music is coming from the

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