The Bicycle Thieves Film Analysis

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Italian neorealism also known as the Golden Age of Italian Cinema, is a national film movement that helped shaped the 1948 Vittorio De Sica’s film The Bicycle Thieves.
Familiar to Italian neorealism, they story follows Antonio a character amongst the poor and the working class. Neorealism is a strong aspect to the film because of the use of being filmed on location and often using nonprofessional actors that are going through post World War II tough economic and moral conditions. The conditions analyzed included everyday life that including poverty, injustice, and desperation.
In Vittorio De Sica’s film, the Bicycle Thieves, the techniques of montage emphasized how cinema can manipulate reality. The film took place in many real locations
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This scene emphasis on long and medium shots that provided the audience with a glimpse of the tough times many faced. The camera then follows
Antonio on his way to speak with his wife. The directors use of showing the housing project in the background help the audience understand the condition after the war. Long and medium shots show the actors loosely framed which allow the audience an opportunity to see their environment. As far as techniques, to make the film feel more genuine, jumps and shifts are created through editing. One scene that continued to happen was the actors use of stairs and tunnels. This made the film feel that it was more than just inside a frame because it gave the film levels and depth. The use of montage is used for instance when you see the character begin to go up the stairs and then there is a cut and he is already at the top of the staircase leaving. This is an aspect that also made the film seem so realistic because you as a person know what it is like to do such actions so it makes the audience easy to relate to Antonio’s
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Throughout the Bicycle Thieves, we find the main character constantly in big crowds. When Vittorio De Sica’s filmed each scene with many crowds, he did it in way that it was easy to follow the main character. For example, when Antonio, Bruno and Antonio’s friend who is helping him find the bike searched at what it seemed to be a local market selling bikes and all their parts, they are in a heavily populated location but we are able to be drawn in to where the main characters are located.
The Italian neorealist film has potential to make a forceful political statement that portrays the worlds immediate social reality and enhances the message the film aims to give off. Vittorio De Sica’s created many scenes to advocate the message of the film which is to present us a world in which none of audience would want to live. I feel that the film being in black and white, clearly highlights the harsh conditions of poverty and truth to the depressing emotion throughout the film, making the public aware of the difficulties that working people had to

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