The Canadian Flag: Red-White-Red

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Red-white-red is a color combination of the Canadian flag. A maple leaf is a Canadian symbol since as early as 1700. When the Canada Day rolls around, the best way to celebrate the summer holiday and surprise your kids and guests by making healthy and delicious treats, baking cakes or cookies, and using the red-white color combination and maple leaf shapes for food decoration. White is for peace and red is for bravery, so celebrate the Canada Day with fabulous, brave and soothing desserts in red and white.

Enjoying the day with good food, delicious treats, best friends, parades, and great fireworks at the end of the night is an exciting way to celebrate the summer holiday. Creative desserts in red and white and edible decorations that shaped
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You can use modern patterns to give a contemporary vibe to sweet treats. Red and white look fabulous together with polka dots, maple leaf patterns. Wide stripes that symbolize the national flag design are a quick and attractive decoration pattern. striped desserts with berries

Red berries desserts

Red is an intense hue; it is best to mix reds with white to create a balanced and visually pleasant effect. Red and white color combinations make desserts look stunning. Creative food design ideas and modern decoration patterns are excellent ways to decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Various textures and maple leaf shapes create remarkable designs that make edible decorations for Canada Day tables. cake with red and white polka dots

Red and white cakes with modern polka dots cake with strawberries

Strawberry cake

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