Personal Narrative: My Life After My Surgery

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It was 5 years ago, and I was 35 years old when I underwent surgery to remove my gallbladder. I lived in constant pain for so many years with tummy aches; there were times it was bearable, and other times the pain would be so bad that I laid down and prayed for the pain to stop. I underwent at least three endoscopy to just be diagnosed with acid reflux and gastritis. One night I was in so much pain that I got up and drove myself to the hospital, the pain was so bad and I was at my wits end with always being in pain. Before heading into the hospital I contemplated on going in or just stop being a baby. After arguing with myself; the decision was made after I got sick in the car (thank goodness for the handy bag I had). I have never gotten sick, …show more content…
I saw the surgeon and he agreed that my gall bladder needed to come out ASAP and scheduled my surgery for two days after my appointment. I was scheduled for a 10 am surgery. I went on like nothing until the day before my surgery, but when morning came I was a nervous wreck since I have never had a surgery before. Finally the day came and off to the hospital me and my mom went . They admitted me and prepped me and all of the medical assistants and nurses were so kind and caring. It was a whirlwind before my surgery, and he next thing I know it is time to go into surgery. I just remember medicine going into my IV and the next thing I know I am waking up with a dried throat. I was in and out of sleep for an hour and they gave me and my mom post op care and we were on our way home. I was in pain after surgery, but after three days the pain was manageable. A week later after surgery I went to see the doctor and my three incisions were healing nicely. I was scheduled to go back to work three weeks after my surgery. Five years later and I still get stomach aches, but they are not as frequent and painful as they use to be. I have gastritis which flares up now and again. From the time I went to the ER to the follow-up with the surgeon I received

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