Immoral Epiphysis: A Short Story

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Walking down the long and dreaded hospital hallway around four in the morning, hearing my own slippers scuff across the floor as I limped, I tried remaining as calm as possible since I had already had plenty of time to think. We just entered the room that I would be staying in. My emotions weighed each other out so I didn’t know how to react anymore. Should I be happy that things will be better for me after, or scared that something could go wrong and having to recover from such a traumatic procedure?
About a month prior to this moment, after a few too many months already, we had discovered that I had a slipped capital femoral epiphysis. That basically means the ball on the top of my femur had slipped backwards making it difficult for me to walk even one step on my left foot. I had very little mobility and could barely turn my foot inwards or out. The doctor's mission was to pin
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They predicted the surgery would take around one and a half hours but instead it took over three. I woke up and felt like there was a board being pushed up against my leg. I think it was for x-rays, but it was the most pain I have ever felt. That is at least what I thought until they had to move me from the transportable bed to the bed in my hospital room. The nurses made my parents step out, and at first I was confused but then I understood why. They didn’t want my parents to see how much pain it put me through. During moving me, they had to place me on my left side after pulling a board out from underneath me. The pain made me cringe and whine, almost screaming. I settled down and fell asleep. I slept on and off. When I was awake, they always asked, “On a scale from one to ten, what is your pain at? Ten being the worst.” I usually said anywhere ranging from five to

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