Essay: The Time I Got Stitches Essay

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The Time I Got Stitches

The worst thing that’s happened to me in my life was the time I had to get stitches. It was the summer of 2012. The weather was warm, but the wind was blazing. My cousin and I, who happened to live next door to each other in our old apartments were playing volleyball in the middle of the street, while our family were in the house hanging out. The ball we used was not hard so it could move with the wind. There were another set of apartments which everyone called the chinese apartments because there were a whole bunch of chinese people living there. The apartments were separated by a long fence. We lived in the back so the fence that separated us from the other appartments was right by us. We were told to be careful so
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When I got to it there ended up being another fence before i could get to get to where the ball was. As I climbed the fence my pant leg got stuck on the fence. I caught myself before I fell and got my pant leg out. I didn’t know the fence was bob wired, so as I went to jump off the fence my hand got stuck, but I couldn’t stop before I dropped, and I cut through my hand. I was crying, and it was bleeding like crazy. My cousin was on the side we stayed on as i was over in the other apartments on the other side waiting for me, so she saw what happened and she went to get my step-dad. On the last fence which separated the apartments, there was a ladder, I had to climb the ladder and my used to be step-dad picked me up over so we could get in the house. As we were walking I was bleeding all over his shoulder and on the ground, he was yelling at me about how he told me not to climb the fence. When we got inside he had to put pressure on it and put it under water, he was crying also and upset because I was hurt, and was talking to my aunt kim. My aunt came over, because since my mom was at work we needed a ride to the hospital. They started talking about how it was cut too deep in my meat and how I …show more content…
When we got to the hospital we went in the emergency area. The doctor came in and told me how I would have to get stitches and I started freaking out again because I was scared, even though I like getting shots, I was freaking out. My aunt and my step-dad waited with me till the doctor came in, they were calming me down. The doctor finally came, and told me how they would have to put the numbing medicine in it with a needle before they could do the stitches. At the time I wasn’t scared because I like getting shots and I already got over the fact that I had to get stitches, so it wasn’t a big deal. The doctor said how it would hurt for the first stitch, and said how I would have a good doctor doing it though, so I didn’t have to worry. They did the numbing and it only like burned a little but I was good after that. The doctor who was doing the stitches finally came in to get to work. As he was doing it he messed up on the first stitch like 5 times and since that was the one that hurt the most I was in pain. At the same time I was mad because they said he was good and it would be over before I knew it, and it wasn’t. He finished up the stitches while talking to me to take my mind off of it. After they cleaned around it they told me it was good for me leave. While we were leaving my hand kinda hurt but it wasn’t hurting where I couldn’t handle it. My mom was mad but really worried at the

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