Narrative Essay About Surgery

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Because of my surgery I have changed physically and emotionally. Before my surgery I was physically uncomfortable because of my weight. I couldn 't do the things I wanted to, or wear certain things because I was uncomfortable and I was miserable everyday. Just by going to school or anywhere in public, especially with a big crowd.
I wasn’t treating my body right, like eating unhealthy, drinking sodas. Not working out or even trying to do anything about it. Right before my father died I just started walking and trying to do something, then he died and people were bringing over a lot of food and sweets. So I got off track and I gained more weight at that point of time.
After we recovered from that, my little sister started softball and we were
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I didn’t really think about it at first, so I talked to my Mom about it and she said we could probably talk to a doctor about it. So she gave me her packet that the doctors gave her with all the information about the surgery and the three different types of Bariatric Surgery. There was the Lap Band, Gastric Bypass, and the Sleeve. I had the Gastric Sleeve, because it’s the safest and easiest for my age. We went to a doctor name Dr. Blake, she was very rude because she didn’t believe in surgery at my age and just wanted me to work harder. So went found another doctor in the hospital, he was really nice and we told him what kind of surgery I was thinking about having and he gave me a whole bunch of information. And he called someone he knew in tyler and got me appointments to run test and start working on the long process of blood work, test, and types of doctors I had to see. It took almost a year just to all of that done, I had to do a six month food journal and monthly doctor appointments. Then we had to get appointments with heart, lungs, blood pressure and other types of doctors. It was a long hard process going all around Carthage, Tyler, and Nacogdoches. I had so many doctor appointments, I had at least two a week. Two weeks before the surgery I had to do a liquid diet with protein shakes and anything liquid. I had to start on vitamins and get used to them for after the surgery. A few days before surgery you have to redo some of the test like check your heart and thyroids just to see if anything has changed since the year before. The day before surgery they make you sign papers and go through everything again to make sure if it’s the right thing for you. And they give you packages with wipes that you have to wipe all over you and the night before and the morning of the

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