Bariatric surgery

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  • Bariatric Surgery Essay

    Recently, the NICE body in the UK updated its weight loss surgery criteria and recommended that health professionals should consider an assessment for BS for people with a BMI of 30–34.9 kg/m2 who have recent-onset type 2 diabetes (NICE,…

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  • Bariatric Surgery Research Paper

    Bariatric Surgery: A Life Changing Tool for Weight Loss Obesity has become a real health issue in most developed countries. In the USA, obesity cases among children has risen to more than double digits in recent years, and tripled among adolescents. This is attributed to changes in dietary varieties among other factors (Brethaue et. al., 2006, pp. 993-1007). Bariatric surgery is one of the several ways utilized as a remedy to this health hazard (Sewell & Rohrbough, 2008). This method has been…

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  • Bariatric Surgery: A Case Study

    such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes (“Health value of bariatric surgery demonstrated in trials,” 2014). According to the Center of Diseases Control (2016), obesity is classified as a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30. The population who is classified above 30 is then subcategorized into moderate obese which is a BMI of 30 to 40 or extremely obese, a BMI greater than 40. In the United States (U.S), healthy eating was not of importance until the rate of obesity began to upsurge at a…

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  • Bariatric Surgery: A Psychological Analysis

    There are two mean reasons that a psychological evaluation is required for a bariatric surgery: 1) It is a requirement put in place by most insurance carrier 's to identify any underlining eating disorders or anything that will hinder the success of the outcome of the surgery.The evaluations are not to eliminate patient 's, but rather to make certain that the patient is in stable mental health and to understand the impact that the surgery will have in their lives. 2) To assure the success of…

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  • Why Have Bariatric Surgery For Obese Childhood Obesity?

    persist into adulthood in nearly 100% of these extremely obese individuals” (“Bariatric Surgery in Adolescence is this the Best age to Operate”). Once obese children meet the criteria of weight loss-surgery which are to…

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  • Disadvantages Of Bariatric Surgery

    The Boons and Banes of Bariatric Surgery “Losing Weight Fast vs. The Inconvenience” The Trends of Bariatric Surgery Obesity has inflicted people due to the rise of high calorie products, which comprise the majority of food that we eat almost every day. This results to the increase of people developing various health problems like diabetes, hypertension, slow metabolism, coronary heart disease, and even cancer. There are more illnesses to mention and all rooted from being obese. Since obesity…

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  • Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery

    There is a lot of Misconception and lack of understanding that exists among the general public and prospective patients about bariatric surgery. Most of these misconceptions really have no basis and they are often founded on ignorance and falsehood. We are taught to fear and avoid what we cannot understand. And this general lack of knowledge about bariatric surgery hinders a lot of people who would benefit immensely from these weight loss procedures from seeking help. In this article,…

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  • Hyperphagia Case Study

    Diversion), restrictive (eg. Vertical Banded gastrophoplasty and gastric balloons) and hybrid procedures (eg. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass)(Bingham et al 2013). The success in weight loss achieved by bariatric surgery makes it an attractive option for patients with PWS. Bariatric surgeries have been performed in PWS patients but with mixed outcomes (Heymsfield et al 2014). With Gastric Bypass, there is a weight loss of 6.5% after 1 year but only 2 % after 2 years. This is significantly less than the…

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  • Weight-Centered Health Paradigm

    Weight-centered health paradigms puts a lot of emphasis on an individual’s caloric intake and energy output, and therefore focuses on behavioural changes to address weight related health issues (Bacon & Aphramor, 2011). This emphasis on weight as an indicator of health puts body weight as the central focus rather than health, resulting in a socially constructed “ideal” body type. This has led to individuals that are categorized as “obese” or “overweight” being subject to a great deal of…

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  • Narrative Essay About Surgery

    Because of my surgery I have changed physically and emotionally. Before my surgery I was physically uncomfortable because of my weight. I couldn 't do the things I wanted to, or wear certain things because I was uncomfortable and I was miserable everyday. Just by going to school or anywhere in public, especially with a big crowd. I wasn’t treating my body right, like eating unhealthy, drinking sodas. Not working out or even trying to do anything about it. Right before my father died I just…

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