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  • Chemistry: Calcium And Magnesium

    Hydrochloride is a toxic acid when ingested or inhaled and is corrosive to skin and eyes and is best to avoided contact with body tissue. Strontium and barium are compounds that if ingested are highly toxic. Potassium iodate solution is moderate toxic but is a stronger irritant except water which in this case has no safety issues in relation to this lab. The element’s being used in this lab are aluminum, calcium and magnesium. What was needed was 4 pieces of each chemical and place in a 24 well reaction plate with calcium in column A magnesium in column b and aluminum in column c of the plate the place 20 drops of water to each well. With h20 in calcium, magnesium and aluminum we were to observe in the row for a reaction h20 has on the element in each well with a ph. test. The same was used but instead of water row b was used with HCI and row C was CACL2 and lastly row D was with BACL2 with the same metals just instead of h20 with those element with HCI etc. with 20 drops into each according well across row b, c and d. As for part B of the lab it was the three metals but with mg chlorine and calcium chlorine and strontium chlorine and barium chloride and an unknown chemical into the wells and then add sodium choline through a1 to a5 and b1-b5 sodium sulfate and lastly in row c potassium iodate.once data is collected the unknown well be able to be identified.…

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  • Why Are Women Able To Be Deadly

    No matter how much a women look fine it does not mean they actually are. There are books, movies, and TV shows that have been created to show why not all women deserve sympathy and are not always innocent either. In the TV show Deadly Women, Season 5 Episode 2, the show depicts women as being capable of murder because when strong emotions are aroused, not everybody is able to keep them under control and causing deadly consequences. When women cannot acquire what they want their emotions are…

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  • Barium Sulfate Gravimetric Method

    is a method used to determine the mass or concentration of a substance by measuring a change in mass. To determine the concentration of the sulfate, the precipitation of Barium sulfate is done first by adding the sulfate solution with hydrochloric acid, then heating while stirring it. Next is the washing and filtration of the Barium Sulfate precipitate, using a vacuum pump and a crucible. Lastly, is the drying and weighing of the precipitate by heating the crucible in the oven and cooling it in…

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  • Modified Barium Swallow Essay

    Modified Barium Swallow A modified barium swallow, also referred to as a swallowing study, is an X-ray exam that is used to help find the cause of swallowing problems. For this exam, you will eat or drink various forms of food that are mixed with a white chalky substance called barium. While you are eating these foods, X-ray images are used to view the areas of your body that are involved in the process of chewing and swallowing. The barium mixed with the foods makes it easier for your health…

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  • Precipitation Reactions Lab Report

    fourteen occurring reactions were precipitates. A precipitate means that a solid substance was formed or a substance that is not aqueous was formed. The reactions that did not form a precipitate were DNR, which means that they did not react. At station one barium chloride and potassium nitrate did not react but barium chloride and silver nitrate reacted to form barium nitrate and silver chloride. The precipitate at station one was silver chloride. Both reactions at station two did not react.…

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  • Flame Test Lab Report Essay

    was identified to contain either calcium or barium. Part C explored a different method through the use of cation flame tests to observe colored flames from six metal chloride solutions. In Part A, the initial step was to add HCl to the unknown sample. This was necessary because hydrochloric acid helped separate the cations, which is what was needed in order to distinguish the lead or silver from the calcium or barium. It did this because the chlorine ion of HCl was able to bond with silver or…

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  • Essay On Baria Swallows

    Modified Barium Swallow Modified Barium Swallows also simply deemed MBS’s are fluoroscopic procedures used to determine the underlying cause of impaired swallowing (dysphasia). The Modified Barium Swallow study will help determine a treatment option for people who are having difficulty swallowing or aspirating. The procedure is painless and not at all time consuming. The study consists of swallowing different consistencies of a radiopaque agent called Barium and at the conclusion of the exam…

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  • Chemical Formula Lab Report

    multiplying. One mole of a compound equals the molecular weight. The molecular weight of is 18.02 amu or g/mol. Hydrogen has an atomic mass of 1.01 amu or g/mol and since there are two atoms of hydrogen in water, the atomic mass is 2.02 amu or g/mol. Oxygen had an atomic mass of 16.00 amu or g/mol, and there is only one oxygen atom in water, so its atomic mass is 16.00 amu or g/mol. The molecular weight of water is (2.02 amu or g/mol + 16.00 amu or g/mol) = 18.02 amu or g/mol. The molecular…

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  • Sulfate Experiment

    Summary The goal of the experiment was to determine weight % of sulfate inside an unknown sample compose of Na2SO4. The sample was dried, weighed and dissolved in water and hydrochloric acid. Barium chloride was then added in excess to drive the precipitation process to completion. Heat was use to digest the precipitate before it was filtered through an ashless filter paper and ignited to constant weight. From mass of the sample and mass of the precipitate, the percentage of sulfate in the…

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  • Lab Report Cation Essay

    of the experiment, qualitative methods were used again to determine the identity of the other cation in the original aqueous solution of the first part. The cation was to be either barium or calcium. In this part, a false positive…

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