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  • Cause And Effect Of College Dormitories

    Once entering college, it is like a completely new world. You receive much more freedom than what was given at home. A substantial change, however, is you have to choose your major, arrange your own schedule, and make an appearance to class on your own. Although, there are some people that attend college to commence their life, there are others that get sidetracked by the parties and drugs. College students that fail to remember what they are going to school for and tend to walk in the wrong direction. College dormitories are constant distractions and can be menacing. Statistics shows that now all college dorms are secured. GCC spokesman Mike Zitz proclaimed, “Residential colleges – those with dorms – usually have more problems than commuter schools do.” (Simmons). Police officers should patrol college dormitories because it can help crime rates. College dormitories should be patrolled by police to help prevent underage drinking and illegal drug use. The abuse of alcohol is very high in college dorm vicinities. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicated that, “The problem with college drinking is not necessarily the drinking itself, but the negative consequences that result from excessive drinking.” (NIH). Each year, drinking affects college student causing death and health problems. The Hutchinson News reveals “A college football player Alton Franklin is standing trial on a charge of second degree murder in the death last September of a 26-year-old…

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  • Residence Halls Paper

    Residence Life The National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) was founded in 1954. The NACURH has a wide variety of responsibilities including the monitoring of resident halls all over the United States. The NACURH is separated into regions each of which is led by the Regional "National Association of College and University Residence Halls." NACURH, Inc - About. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2016. Boardof Directors (RBD). RBD’s positions are appointed by the…

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  • Personal Narrative-Humorous Wedding

    it was usually to ask somebody if he had any ink he wasn’t using. When we weren’t writing letters or attending classes, each of us went pretty much his own way. Mine usually led me, on clear days, in scenic circles around the countryside. Rainy days, I generally sat in a dry place and read a 6 · J. D. Salinger For Esmé – With Love and Squalor · 7 book, often just an axe length away from a ping-pong table. The training course lasted three weeks, ending on a Saturday, a very rainy one. At seven…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Resident Advisor Essay

    Two main reasons contribute to why I would love to become a Resident Advisor. To help make campus housing fun and safe is the first reason. Students spend majority of their time in college inside the residence halls. I want to be able to show students that he/ or she can do more than just sleep here. RSA and other RA’s provide many fun events to the students and I would love to a part of planning those fun events. In addition, I would like to show students that he or she does not have to party…

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  • Personal Experience: My Milligan College Experience

    The most important criteria that I have is probably the environment and campus life of the school. My biggest worry is getting to college and not being able to find people that I can fit in with, and the campus culture being very different than mine. Along with the culture, I also like a very small environment and class size. I feel like with a smaller student body and class size, students can connect better with one another and with professors, which I really want in a college. Environment can…

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  • Dorm Life

    Living at home? But I’m in College! One of the first major decisions we have to make after college acceptance is deciding where to live. The most common choice college students seem to make is moving into a dorm. Moving into a dorm and gaining the freedom college offers is a rite of passage for young adults. However, the excitement and freedom dorm life offers may work for some students but others may find it more difficult. Living at home can be a good alternative for students who may not find…

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  • Barracks In Nazi Germany

    In autumn of 1941 is when the brick barracks were constructed. Very often more than 700 Jews would be placed in each of them, but the Germans originally intended the barracks to house only 40. Depended on the number of transports arriving that day, will affect the total number of Jews in each barracks. Straw was spread over the wooden bunks for the Jews to sleep on. The floors were earth and there were very few sanitary facilities. The wooden barracks had once been stables. These “stables” let…

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  • Different People Same Room Essay

    “Different People, Same Room” Typically, being young means unable to afford a place to live alone. Sometimes the best solution to this dilemma is to get a roommate. Whether it’s a college dorm, lofty apartment, a cramped shared bedroom or anywhere on a college campus, I warn you to be prepared for the absolute worst. Living with a roommate is much harder if you are accustomed to living with your family members and especially when they have a different lifestyle than you. Just a forewarning,…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Target

    We all the known supermarket/retail store, Target. Target is not the most popular but it also really never has a bad image. Target is some ones “back-up” store. Or at least in my experience. This commercial that I will be talking about is a enjoying, entertaining, short, Target ad. First the commercial started out with two teenage girls that seem to not know each other, it is their first time meeting. The setting is taken place in a small college dorm room that has brand new college supplies…

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  • The Cuban Revolution And The Implications Of Castro's Implications

    The Complications of Castro’s promises Upon the beginning of Sergeant Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship of Cuba 1952 - seen as illegitimate, causing many people in Cuba to prefer the nation’s flawed and corrupt democracy over Batista’s leadership - the Cuban Revolution, led by Fidel Castro, began to gain momentum. When it became apparent to Batista that he would not win in Cuba’s presidential election of 1952, he seized power before the elections could take place and cancelled them, (withholding)…

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