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Modified Barium Swallow

Modified Barium Swallows also simply deemed MBS’s are fluoroscopic procedures used to determine the underlying cause of impaired swallowing (dysphasia). The Modified Barium Swallow study will help determine a treatment option for people who are having difficulty swallowing or aspirating. The procedure is painless and not at all time consuming. The study consists of swallowing different consistencies of a radiopaque agent called Barium and at the conclusion of the exam there should hopefully be a better understanding of the etiology of the swallowing impairments. In order to prepare for this procedure you must simply be able to stand still and follow directions. The entire exam should only take a few minutes and is just a series of small chews and swallows. The patient will start out in a lateral position with their head perpendicular to the x-ray tube and they will later be instructed to turn and face the tube. These few movements are all that are required of the patient. If the patient is not able to stand, there is a fluoroscopic convertible chair that can be utilized. This allows them to be secure for the exam and also positioned properly in order to visualize the structures that are necessary to be seen. There are many people on the team that need to present
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According to Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) it is believed that nearly 15 million people suffer from some form of dysphasia or swallowing abnormality (2015). As simple of an exam as this seems it could be the stepping stone to an answer which they are looking for. Speech pathologists and other such professionals are giving these people hope and a sense of normalcy by helping to determine the etiology and help find solutions to their issues and aide in living as normal of a life as

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