Why Are Women Able To Be Deadly

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Why are women able to be deadly?
People normally sympathize with women. Some people have to realize that not all women deserve that sympathy. No matter how much a women look fine it does not mean they actually are. There are books, movies, and TV shows that have been created to show why not all women deserve sympathy and are not always innocent either. In the TV show Deadly Women, Season 5 Episode 2, the show depicts women as being capable of murder because when strong emotions are aroused, not everybody is able to keep them under control and causing deadly consequences.
When women cannot acquire what they want their emotions are aroused which may result in an action that can be deadly to somebody else. A 16-year-old girl, named Marie Robards, was extremely attached to her mother. No longer able to wait on her mother she decides to take action to go home. Dorothy steals barium acetate, shown as a reenactment in the TV show, a week later on February 18, 1993 she poisons her father (9:26 – 10:25). A journalist, Skip Hollandsworth, is presented in the show to give more credibility to the story. Hollands worth gave commentary on how Marie just stood there and watched her father die not caring at all about saving him. When
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These emotions begin to surface and once they do the outcome can make people question just how nice females are. Sympathy and affection can all be taken away in an instant when the women decide to kill someone. It can be noticed that people kill for different reasons. Women can let their emotions get the best of them and then release them through acting out a terrible action. Not only can women be killers but young women can be too them too. Age does not matter when it comes to be capable of murder. Murder comes from the excess of uncontrollable emotion and no matter the looks anyone can deep down have the ability to take a

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