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  • Peptic Ulcer Case Study

    is called a biopsy and can be examined to identify if there is the presence of H. pylori. The final procedure is Upper Gastrointestinal Series. In this procedure the patient is positioned in front of an x-ray machine while consuming liquid called barium. This liquid will line the tract allowing doctors to identify ulcers. (Crowe and Peura, D, 2014) This particular test is not used when diagnosing the…

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  • The Manhattan Project: The First Atomic Bomb

    The Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project was a stepping stone for the United States of America, it would change the meaning of war forever. The development of the first Atomic bomb would put America in the lead, surpassing our enemies in World War II. The Project was one of the most secretive projects in the history of The United States and was a turning point in the history of twentieth-century science. This new bomb had the potential of nuclear annihilation and was also one of the most…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Industrial Waste

    [2] They contain many hazardous, if not radioactive, materials such as: Mercury (found in batteries), lead, chromium, barium, and other heavy metals (found in cathode ray tubes in TVs and monitors) which cause renal toxicity and in some cases mental retardation. On the other hand, cell phones contain large amounts of gold and silver; it is estimated that America ditches…

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  • Periodic Table Research Paper

    achieved. Between 1817 and 1829 Johann Dobereiner was grouping elements with similar properties into groups of threes, which he referred to as triads. He notices something between three elements. Strontium was an average of the weights of calcium and barium, which all had similar chemical properties. Working off the notion that in nature, triads always had the middle…

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  • Early Atomic Experiment Research Paper

    Early Atomic Experiments Joseph John Thomson conducted an experiment that is known today as the CRT Experiment. The outcome of this experiment was JJ’s discovery of the electron. CRT is an acronym for Cathode Ray Tube, this gives a broad concept of what the experiment is about. The basic components of the experiment include, a glass cylindrical tube with most of the air inside vacuumed out of it, and inside the tube is Electrode for each side. One of the Electrodes is negative and entitled the…

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  • Gasland Documentary

    NRE- 155 Course Title: Environmental Law and Policy Course Coordinator: Mr. M V Shiju Documentary review- GASLAND Directed by-JOSH FOX United States of America, the superpower is stated as an example whenever we discuss how governance should play its role in people’s welfare. Gasland is an outcome of the letter Josh Fox received by a natural gas company to drill in his backyard. This documentary can be an eye opener or a setback for all those who think that it’s just the developing…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fracking

    Atomic Energy Agency in 1967 had an idea to explode a nuclear bomb to unleash the gas, though that idea died quickly and a new one was made by Halliburton Corporation (Armstrong, Rachel.) They came up with an idea of high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking. The process of fracking is taking anywhere from five to seven million gallons of water laced with sand and a startling menu of poisonous chemicals to crack the shale rock and release the methane gas trapped…

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  • Agenda For Change Case Study

    affords further opportunities within the profession and is integral to the extension of professional roles and boundaries; complying with current drives for service improvement (Williamson and Mundy, 2009: 41). Woodford (2005: 321) states ‘double barium contrast enema was one example of role extension benefitting service to patients by reducing long waiting lists and numbers of unreported examinations’. The evaluated studies established better service provision, for example patient waiting…

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  • Oral Controlled Release Essay

    INTRODUCTION Oral Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems1, 2: Oral controlled release drug delivery is a drug delivery system that provides*give the continuous oral delivery of drugs at predictable and reproducible kinetics for a predetermined period throughout the course of GI transit and also the system that target the delivery of a drug to a specific region within the GI tract for either local or systemic action. All the pharmaceutical products formulated for systemic delivery via*throw…

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