Modified Barium Swallow Essay

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Modified Barium Swallow

A modified barium swallow, also referred to as a swallowing study, is an X-ray exam that is used to help find the cause of swallowing problems. For this exam, you will eat or drink various forms of food that are mixed with a white chalky substance called barium. While you are eating these foods, X-ray images are used to view the areas of your body that are involved in the process of chewing and swallowing. The barium mixed with the foods makes it easier for your health care provider to see possible problems on the X-rays. For example, the health care provider can see if any food or liquid is inhaled (aspirated) into your windpipe.
A modified barium swallow may be performed to help diagnose various medical conditions
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This is especially important if you are taking diabetes medicines or blood thinners.
• Follow your health care provider’s instructions about eating or drinking restrictions.

• You will be positioned sitting upright in a chair or standing.
• You will be given different foods and liquids to chew and swallow. Each food item will be covered with or contain barium.
• You may be asked to turn your head, sit back, hold your breath, cough, or take small bites during the test.
• Using a type of X-ray called videofluoroscopy, the health care provider will watch the act of swallowing as you eat the food items. Video images of the swallowing process will be displayed on a monitor and also stored for later viewing.
The procedure may vary among health care providers and hospitals.

• Return to your normal activities and diet as directed by your health care provider.
• Your stool (feces) may be white or gray for 2–3 days until all the barium has passed out of your body in your stool. You may be given a laxative to take in order to help remove the barium from your body.
• Your health care provider may recommend other things to help prevent constipation after this procedure,

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