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  • Informative Essay On Nascar

    When most people think of sports, the first thing that comes to mind is probably football, basketball, maybe baseball, or soccer - usually a competition that involves a type of ball and two teams going head to head. But NASCAR is a different kind of sport, it is a motorsport. Forty purpose-built race cars with a team of pit crews, engineers, and mechanics battle every week on a variety of racetracks across the country. Just like any other sport, NASCAR has its own rules of competition, scheduled events, a points system, and a champion crowned at the end of the season. And just like many other sports, the possibility of player injury is also very real. In fact, with drivers competing in vehicles traveling upwards of 200 miles per hour, motorsports…

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  • Six Point Safety Testing Research Paper

    The start of the six point safety harness was just the new redesign of the official NASCAR belt, and the HANS device. However, very quickly more straps became apart of the safety check. The name six point safety harness began to be used more and more often due to its six important straps to successfully, and safely prepare a driver for every race. Before every race, all the cars must pass a specific inspection check. The six point safety harness became a part of this soon after it had its place…

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  • Stock Car Driving Is Bad

    Stock car driving is a man’s game, right? Wrong. Some people assume that only a real man’s man can speed along the tracks, executing sharp turns while burning rubber and leaving skid marks. Those people, however, have never encountered Danica Patrick. For those of you who don’t know, Danica Patrick is one of the most successful female stock car drivers in the world. She has been driving professionally since the late 1990s and in that time has established herself as one of the most dominant…

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  • The Importance Of Chemistry In NASCAR

    NASCAR is one of the world’s most popular sports attracting millions of viewers every Sunday to watch their favorite drivers race hundreds of miles across the race track at intense speeds. Many people who love to tune in and watch the sport are not aware of the chemistry behind NASCAR. For the cars to be able to operate the way they do, a lot has to go into building them. Each track that is raced on brings different challenges to the race team whose job is trying to get their car to be the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Nascar Racing

    According to Cassidy (2002), “fans emotional connection to NASCAR racing and maintaining a competitive quality product are two components of the NASCAR brand” (1). NASCAR’s branding strategy also includes developing a business relationship with other companies to promote their products (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). This is done by NASCAR drivers wearing the sponsor’s company logos on their clothes and on the outside of their race cars. These logos are also warned during NASCAR promotional events…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Nascar

    NASCAR is currently making sustainability efforts within its organization. One of which is partnership with Liberty Tire Recycling which is an eco-friendly incentive that recycles the GoodYear tires used throughout the racing year (Fava, 2013). At a time where being eco-friendly and creating incentives that help our earthly environment, it is important for companies and organizations to address these concerns for consumers. In 2008, NASCAR Green was created and as of 2013, assisted the…

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  • Dramatism In The Rhetoric Of NASCAR

    that we can understand human nature more fully and communicate more effectively by analyzing actions from different philosophical angles was revolutionary when conceived. This paper will discuss Burke’s theory of dramatism and then evaluate an example of how a team of two authors used the pentad to expose the differences in rhetorical styles between traditional sports and NASCAR, revealing how NASCAR has mastered the art of using driver rhetoric as a marketing tool. As stated, Burke believed…

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  • NASCAR Goes Green? By Natale Servino

    Analysis of “NASCAR Goes Green?” In the intern of Earth Island Journal, Natale Servino’s article, “NASCAR Goes Green?”, she opens with a description of most Southern Rednecks dreams. She gives the description of NASCAR being “an endless stream of RV’s at a standstill, waiting to fill dirt parking lots. People congregating around barbecue grills, drink a few cold ones, and talk strategy” (Servino). Being from the south myself, I can relate to this scenario. In the article, Ms. Servino brings to…

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  • Analysis Of NASCAR Goes Green? By Natale Servino

    In his article “NASCAR Goes Green?”, Natale Servino questions NASCAR’s ability to benefit the environment and local economies. NASCAR and the International Speedway Corporation are mainly popular in America’s southern states; however, the companies are looking to expand in America and other countries. Though fans of the sport exist, people concerned with the environment are against the expansion of NASCAR. In response to environmentalists, the International Speedway Corporation and NASCAR state…

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  • Physics In Car Racing

    Physics is everywhere. Especially in NASCAR which stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is a racing sport which the racing cars have motion. “NASCAR is motorsport's preeminent stock-car racing organization. The three largest racing-series sanctioned by this company are the Sprint Cup Series, the Xfinity Series, and the Camping World Truck Series.”(Mukul Bhatia.What is NASCAR? On the rough racetrack nascar cars are made to be driven in extreme conditions. In…

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