Napster Advantages And Disadvantages

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So I have mixed feelings about Napster being an online tool to share music and it being a way to steal music. Inevitably I agree with what a gentleman in the documentary said, which was somewhere along the lines of how the artists and record labels should have adapted and adjusted to the new technology instead of fighting it. I strongly agree with that statement mainly because of the fact that after Napster was created, there was no stopping this new way to share and download free music. I look at it like this, artists and record companies could sit around and mope and spend millions of dollars on attempting to stop this or adapt and to find a way to use it to their advantage. Napster definitely created a new kind of pressure on the artist …show more content…
It would be challenging for an artist to focus on making their money by others ways than just selling their music. I believe that it also comes down to the main purpose of why the artists makes and writes music in the first place. In the movie Chuck D says “This was the first time the audience had gotten to the music before the market did and I looked at Napster like it was the new radio. Napster had many advantages and disadvantages for the artist. One of the advantages was that it was a great way to build a fan base. This resulted in more show tickets being sold and surprisingly more of their music being sold. One disadvantage would be that anybody and where had access to your music for free. Which still would be a great promotional tool. Honestly I’m a little confused about how records leaked that weren 't even out on the market yet and how …show more content…
I think that as time passed it showed that the new music sharing technology was the future and couldn’t be stopped because after Napster was inactive pirating music never stopped. I was surprised to learn that afterwards music sales decreased from 14.6 billion to 6 billion. I was also shocked when I heard Hank Berry say, “Studies have been show that Napster users buy more records than anyone else as a result of using Napster”. He said that it helps the music industry not hurts it.
It was crazy that both Shawn 's actually wanted to enhance Napster to benefit the artist, industry, and the users. They went from having these crazy ideas to advance and to hopefully become the record labels way of digital distribution and then towards the end, they were struggling to stay up and running and were in “survival mode”, trying to filter copyrighted music, which was unfortunately ineffective. I find it very interesting how our society adapts and doesn’t adapt and how we fight over control and

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