The Impact Of Music Streaming On The Music Industry

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Today’s society is Independent and Lazy; they prefer to choose “convenience” to anything else. It all used to be so simple. People would hear a tune on the radio they liked and buy the physical version of it. However, in recent years this simple process has fragmented into different consumption movements, such as piracy and illegally downloading to on-demand streaming from YouTube. Due to people choosing these free methods, the majority of music consumption today creates little to no money for music artists. Music streaming services have become very popular and services such as Pandora and Spotify have assembled millions of users across the globe. Due to the decline in download revenues, streaming is expected to be the main growth driver of …show more content…
When home computers became readily available, burning CDs and peer to peer sharing between friends was even more popular and was damaging the music industry. But the revolution of high-speed Internet and everything that came with it left a greater scar on the music industry. When music streaming became popular, there began to be an increase in the industry. Streaming music through sites such as Spotify and Pandora offer music fans a legal and paid service capable of generating the money that the artists deserve. Both Spotify and Pandora offer 2 types of services for consumers, which give back to the artists in both ways. The free services allows users to play any song in the catalogue, on-demand but users must view and listen to advertisements that interrupt their listening. By bringing listeners into the free, ad-supported stage, the businesses migrate them away from piracy and allow the music industry to develop more royalties than there was before. Once consumers are using the free service, the companies drive costumers to the premium service which allows users to have unlimited music across all devices and have the option to temporarily download songs to devices for listening, these customers are never shown advertisements due to the payments they make to the …show more content…
Traditional radio has become more conservative and is playing less variety than ever. Radio stations have grown more repetitive because of the top songs of the time being repeated constantly throughout the day. Radio is creating a name for itself and disabling listeners because of how low the variety is – the more popular the song, the more it play it receives. The top songs are hogging all the air time and blocking new artists and new songs by established artists. This is where Spotify and Pandora comes in. music streaming is allowing a new set of voices be heard in the music industry. You no longer need a powerful record label or a great marketing campaign to have an international hit anymore. Just ask our very own New Zealand pop star, Lorde. In April 2013, Spotify added the musician’s song “Royals” to an influential Spotify playlist and the song went viral. The song went from being a new coming artist off Spotify to the top of the radio charts, and Spotify is credited for exposing Lorde to the US market, making her one of the biggest musicians in the music industry at the

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