Napster: A Brief History Of Downloading Music

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Downloading music has been going on for almost 15 years. People from all over the world have access to illegal music, hence the reason why they download it for free. Many people download music for free because they don’t have the money to spend on music albums or they just like one or two songs and don’t want to buy the entire album. Some people just don’t like buying albums and just rather have free music. Downloading music had become a craze in the years of computers and internet. There are many ways to getting free music which is over the computer like YouTube or bit torrent or other 3rd party sites that allows to get free music. But the illegal downloading started somewhere and that’s where Napster came in. Within months Napster has become …show more content…
The creators were college students John, and Shawn Fanning as well as Sean Parker. They were trying to create something that allowed people share their music with other people. They were shut down in July of 2001 because their music sharing was illegal and many industries didn’t like that people were able to access their music for free. At the end Napster did survive even though they were purchased by another company. Napster wasn’t the only ones in the market for file sharing, there was still Hotline and UseNet. The difference with Napster and the other sites was that they were user friendly and had easier ways of accessing music and files from other people. Napster had about 80 million registered users. What the intention of Napster was to have easy access to the music for people that are interested in different types of music or wanted to explore different options. They had all types of music like songs that were hard to find, old songs or recordings that were not released. When they would download the music from Napster they would later burn them into a CD or cassette tapes so they can listen to it everywhere. Many people would download the music in their college dorms since they had high speed internet and around 61% of their network was used to download music from Napster. Since colleges see this trend they started to block Napster since it might result in liability concerns, and violations for the …show more content…
He felt that the company (Napster) robbed them of their money. They were publishing music that wasn’t even out yet and they felt that it wasn’t right for the company to be able to leak out music like that. It is also copyright issues when it comes to getting music without the permission of the record label as well as the artist themselves. Also the industry wasn’t prepared for what was coming when it came to Napster. He just thought it wasn’t fair to any of the artist that put so much work into an album and/or song and it gets leaked before they get it finalized as well as getting paid for their hard work in the studio and just working on it day and night. Consequently, the affects of Napster really hurt many of the artists since they did lose money on many of their album sales. Also they were robbed of their music when it wasn’t even released to the

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