Moore's Law Essay

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The next month of the upcoming International Technology Roadmap for semiconductors is no longer aimed at Moore 's Law, according to an article in the <>, the world 's best-known academic journal. 50 years of the myth of the chip industry has finally been broken. 50 years ago, Gordon Moore predicted the development of the chip industry: When the price is constant, the performance of silicon chips every 18-24 months will be doubled. In fact, all this is unavoidable, since 1990, the semiconductor industry has developed a two-year semiconductor development road map. This roadmap is also fully consistent with Moore 's Law, semiconductor manufacturers choose to stay in the track of Moore 's Law, at every stage manufacturers are thinking about the …show more content…
In this world there is a man who raised an idea to revive Moore 's Law. He is Intel 's rival, AMD 's CTO, Mark Papermaster. He said: “Some people have said Moore 's Law is dead, so my question to them is: so how can you do a generation leap [in chips]? … … Moore 's Law is not dead.” His statement inspired a lot of people which believe that Moore 's Law is not dead. This makes the IT sector there are two beliefs, one is to believe that Moore 's Law is not dead, there is the belief that Moore 's Law is waning. In my opinion, these two simple beliefs are not just simple beliefs, no one in the IT sector can stand up and oppose anyone of the argument, then what is happening to Moore 's Law? it really like people said …show more content…
He has predicted the birth of the home computer, electronic watch, autopilot cars, and a "personal mobile communicator" - mobile phone, But the 1965 paper on what was later called "Moore 's Law" really raised his fame. The main point of this paper is a timetable for the future of the computer industry. Based on the knowledge of semiconductor companies, Moore expects to double the number of transistors and other electronic components per chip per year.
Moore subsequently founded Intel in Santa Clara, California. However, he apparently overestimated the development of semiconductor. In 1975, he predicted the modification to a more realistic, two-year doubling, then, at century 70 's and 80 's, with HP personal computers, Apple II computers and IBM PC and other consumer products. The industry requirements of the chip is getting higher and higher, the processing become smaller and smaller, Moore 's predicted began to come

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