Essay On The Other Wes Moore

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What is the most important factor to become successful in life? Is it a matter of luck, environment, or big money for education? What kind of advantages anyone should possess in order stay on the right track? The author of the book “ The other Wes Moore” Wes Moore asks these question and answers them. He compares his own life and success with the man with the same name Wes Moore who spends his time in prison for life sentence. The author Wes Moore had advantages over the other Wes Moore like a wise and instructional mother that guided him in education, premature parenthood, and an author 's calm temper.

Where the author 's mother Joy succeeded and the other Wes 's mother Mary did not, both mothers were making their best in order to surround their sons with the beneficial environment. The author had a sensible mother who seems to be good at
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He gave himself some time for maturity, which kept him free from making tough decisions. Before the author was ready to address issues with family, he graduated from Valley Forge, then finished his master 's degree. There was nothing to worry about but his career and study. Another words, the author did not put the cart before the horse. His ability to planning ahead, be responsible about girls ultimately brought him to where he is. The other Wes was irresponsible in terms of premature parenthood; he got his children way before he was ready to offer them appropriate care and adequate financial support. In the book, the moment he decided to go back to drug business shortly after his return from Job Corps training. "Alicia complained that he was not giving her enough money...", Cheryl was constantly calling him ... which meant she wanted more money", "His mother needed more money" those are evidences that push the other Wes to deadly awful business. Ultimately, premature fatherhood led him back in the criminal world and correctional facilities for

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