We Re The Superhumans Analysis

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The Concept of “Normal” Varies from Each Individual
When the concept of “normal” features in the media, the divide between disability and normality is often discussed. Preconceived notions are then established, claiming that disability is undesirable and a lack. However, Channel 4’s trailer “We’re the Superhumans” and Nancy Mairs’ Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled challenges those beliefs. In the Paralympics trailer, each individual’s talents and capabilities are the main focus, not their disability. In comparison, Mairs’ creative non-fiction specifically relates how her multiple sclerosis influences her career as a writer. The two mediums show that in spite of physical shortcomings, one can still succeed. Although both
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By adding such tone, the trailer is implying that disability is an identity they acknowledge and are proud of. For instance, the majority of the scenes that showcase each of the individuals’ talents and capabilities—from athletics to music to academics—are shown in bright, unique colours. In that case, the flamboyancy indicates that those individuals are ecstatic to show the world what they can accomplish. This is significant because the trailer defines that “normal” varies from each point of view. For instance, the Paralympics high jumper considers it a routine to practice and compete with one leg (0:33); To his perspective, having one leg is natural. Additionally, it is also important to note the washed-out colours of the scene where the student is discriminated by the career advisor (2:14). With this, the colour tone illustrates the advisor’s ignorance and one-sided view. It is wrong for him to decide who is capable or not based on his own mindset alone. Although the scene is short, it accurately references the media’s concept of “normal”. Overall, the colours complement the emotions portrayed in each …show more content…
The trailer’s music is composed in an upbeat tempo because it wants the audience to accept the idea that normal and disability is a one, unified term. To understand the symbolic reasoning behind the music, it is essential to first consider the techniques that are used to make the music festive-like. First, numerous musical instruments are included. As such, it creates a more layered and sophisticated sound as each instrument is trying to outperform the other, similar to the band at the 1:29 to 1:41 mark. Second, a vocalist is added singing a repetitive phrase, “Yes, I can” throughout the video. The repetitiveness of the lyrics suggests the video is about motivation. Uniting the two components together, an effective music is created. With this in mind, the idea of normal and disability as unified has a symbolic relationship to the music. That is, individuals are the instruments and media is the vocalist. With this interpretation, Channel 4 suggests that all individuals, whether abled or disabled, must cooperate together with a supportive media to create an effective society, similar to the trailer’s music. A powerful music further enhances the overall quality of the

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