Person First Language Reflection Paper

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Person First Language Reflection

1. What concepts did you find interesting or important from this article?
I think the most important message that the article brings out is we need to treat the people who have disabilities as people like everyone first, but not as their medical diagnoses. They are the unique individual, they are a group of people that use their bodies in difference way, and they share the same rights as everybody. As people who don’t have disabilities, we shouldn’t use any words that contain with negative perception and stereotypes to describe the people who have disabilities. People have disabilities are people who with unlimited potential like everyone. They are just not good at certain things which considered as easy,
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I agree that using medical diagnosis to define a person can ruin his or her lives. When people heard a person who has disabilities, they usually predicted that the person must have lower functioning, low expectation, and need help. Those people might also feel like they have “obligation” to offer helps for those people who have disabilities. As the example in the article, students with disabilities are automatic assigned in a special ed classrooms and isolated from the general ed students. They have to face with the decision which deem as benefic to them and decided by others than themselves, not matter they wanted or not. This is why Kathie states that words are powerful, and it also a greatest barrier for people with disabilities. The inappropriate words can impact a person’s whole …show more content…
When a machine broke, it couldn’t work and use to achieve its job. However, when someone’s has injury of their bodies, they will accommodate and use their ways to function their bodies. I agree with this statement, I saw people who lost their arms can learn to write with their feet and people who have disability in hearing or speaking can communicate with their body language. They are just working their bodies in different

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