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Project Success: Facebook

The website was born as a focused network in almost immature task of comparing the girls at Harvard University. Due to the success, part of the community became a yearning among students. First at Harvard, then at Stanford, Columbia, Yale and MIT. This was the driving force factor of the first moments of the network, in the United States and Britain. But what really catapulted the network, which has surpassed 500 million users, was the decision to maintain its API (application programming interface, or application programming interface) open to independent developers. "Facebook was one of the first networks to enable the creation of applications based on their code,". The strategy allows the site to be renewed as
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2. Trial and error

Big technology companies like Google , like to boast that innovation is part of their DNA and rather try and error many times as necessary to conform to the success achieved. Facebook follows the same philosophy when considering the number of projects and launched products , however , have not had the expected acceptance by the public.

3. To grow

In ten years, Facebook has gone from a restricted page the students to a site with 1.2 billion users worldwide , 750 million of whom access the social network at least once a day . Since its launch , more than 4 billion " Tanned " daily , totaling 1.3 trillion in the last decade . Facebook also displays numbers superlatives when it comes to the time that users spend checking your updates : the world average is 8.4 hours per month. In America , the rate is even higher: 10.6
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