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  • Gender Identity In Flannery O Connor's The Great Register

    widening circles configures every possible revolution. It is virtually that infinite sphere whose centre is everywhere, circumference no-where. (69) This gives great connotation to a new realm of thought and perception into the world of the Amazonian Utopia. It allows them to not “break” the boundaries, but merely to bend or expand at will for the purpose of disassociating the discourses that the involved in gender identity. The author 's point goes on to illustrate not one circle but infinite circles, although closed, there are many forms and no “center” or “circumference” to find the “center” which is the thought of normality. Conversely, normality is rejected in this new illustration that allows the social constructs to fade away. Monique Wittig left the cycle open to many interpretations and has many attributes and symbiology that can be associated with it. Similarly, the main goal is for the women to use the cycle as a weapon against men and the patriarchal status that has given them dominance over the women and everyone else for the sake of breaking the shackles of discourse. The “Four Powers” described in the book is another metaphor that is rarely mentioned in the novel. It was actually mentioned twice coupled in one passage. “It is learned that in the world of the four powers the women have sustained casualties… Thus the Front as a whole will be in permanent liaison with the world of the Four Powers. As well as information and orders, advice encouragement and…

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  • Monique Wittig Critical Analysis

    Multiplicity Utopia: Renouncing of Binary Gender Identities “Les Guérillères” in itself is already a conundrum that spares no time in illuminating one of the major essence of the novel, providing the reader with a glimpse into the fantasized Amazonian world in which “the women” are at war to make room for their future Utopia with the use of language, as seen in the title. Monique Wittig demonstrates a fantasy world of Amazonian women who fight for their freedom from the shackles of the binary…

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  • Why Do People Wear Mask

    measured by displays of opulence, which in turns becomes signifiers of status to the public at large. These signifiers become the litmus by which others come to judge success. It can be something as large as new house or car or as insidious and implicit as the right shade of skin, each becoming more attached to the idea of success and wide scale acceptance in the larger public consciousness. Since, human beings are communal based animals by nature, societal perception is often vital in…

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  • Comparing Mao Wittig's Mao Tse-Tung And Monique

    Mao Tse-tung and Monique Wittig are two influential revolutionary figures whose ideas and works are largely influenced by the social revolution theory proposed by Karl Marx. Mao, just like Marx, pays particular attention to the conflicts of interests between classes and revolution movement as a manifestation of those contradictions. He adopts Marxist theory and adapts it to China, where instead of a proletariat revolution, he considers an agrarian revolution led by the peasant. Wittig recognizes…

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  • One Is Not Born A Woman Analysis

    Different types of sexualities and relationships are constantly being acknowledged and accepted all around the world. However, heterosexuality is still the dominant discourse because the society continues to promote it in the media, in literature and in many other things, such as legal documents and weddings. Monique Wittig’s article, “One is Not Born a Women” argues that sex and gender categories are systems that are socially constructed and created in order to label and distinguish a person…

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  • Idolized Society In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    So it is understandable why haizlip’s family chose to do that and in a sense neglect/disown they’re past and try to start a new. Even though it is true that we can wear a mask of our own free will as seen in the text “Passing”, and that we can be pressured by society to wear a mask in order to fit in with other as seen from the text “The Great Gatsby.” It is highly possible that we as a society can be tricked into the idea of wearing a mask. This statement is proven through the “biography of…

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  • Effects Of The Second Wave Of Feminism

    opportunities. Yet, French women were still not given basic rights for daycare for their children, and maternity rights for themselves, so they weren’t given as many job offers. Because of that, many women gathered together and led protests all throughout France. Overtime, more and more women started to become aware of the unfair divisions in society and started to get more passionate about topics like male chauvinism (men who opposed and belittled feminists) and sexism. Secondly, one of the…

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  • Gender Performativity: Reading Mahasweta Devi

    powerful and unreachable. And that is what I think Butler was talking about when she said ?women of all ages who cannot be impregnated, and even if they could ideally, that is not necessarily the salient feature of their bodies or even of their being women?. Neither Laura nor Draupadi come off as feminine figures who identify or whose gender lies enmeshed within their vulnerability to be impregnated or capacity to procreate. In fact, that?s the least of the elements of their construct that is of…

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