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  • The Cultural Myth Of Color Blindness

    One of the cultural myths that I have fallen into would have to be the ‘colorblindness is progress’. I’ve always seen past people and their color, or where they came from. I enclosed myself in the mindset of ‘I’m not racist because I don’t look at people’s skin color or background’. After learning about color blindness, and realizing that I was apart of it, I now know that this is the wrong way to view humans. Color blindness may seem like a good idea, and the intention might be of good intent; it does more than ‘blind’ you from color. I used to look at people and think that I wouldn’t be racist if I ignored, or looked past their color. Color blindness is not progress, it’s separation. Color blindness separates the person being looked at with color blindness from their culture, and who they are. When you strip someone of their background and put a label on them saying, “I don’t see your culture because I don’t want to be racist” you are, in fact, separating yourself from the person. Seeing a person, their color, and their background is important in a conversation to understand the other person’s culture. When we ignore a culture and begin a conversation, we tend to disregard that some things that we may say might be offensive to the other person. I believe in a conversation if you are ‘color blind’ you aren’t fully aware of the person you’re talking to which can lead to confrontations. The person may be standing in front of you, you see them, but because you are ‘color blind’…

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  • Color Perception Essay

    more close to the truth because the colors blue and yellow are usually not mixed up in this type of color blindness. Blue-yellow color blindness is very rare, one out of 10,000 people are affected at most. In opposite to red-green color blindness, blue-yellow defects are on chromosome 7; this means it is not a sex-linked feature and therefore women and men are equally affected (National Eye Institute, 2015). Total color blindness is an extreme vision abnormality, that leaves a person completely…

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