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  • Diana Of Versailles Analysis

    Athenian sculptor, Leochares, created Diana of Versailles in 325 BCE to honor Artemis who is the Greek Goddess of hunting, wilderness, and childbirth. The Romans later created a marble copy of the sculpture in the Imperial Roman period to honor Diana, the Roman Goddess of hunting, the moon, and childbirth. The statue currently resides on display at the Louvre in Paris, France (Ancient Greek & Roman Sculpture). Artemis, the daughter of Leto and Zeus, is a principal Greek God who spends most of…

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  • Analysis Of Herakles

    sculpture and knows how to carve the marble in order to make the sculpture of the art he is trying to do. I think that the sculpture of the artist is well done and is a pleasing composition in which it made me stay there looking at the sculpture for a long time and wanting to learn more about the artwork. The artist used marble to make the sculpture of Hercules. Marble was rare and expensive at that time, even though marble was made out of limestone. White marble is the most used in sculptures,…

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  • The Black Box Experiment

    circle. Inside that box is a small marble that is made from metal. I was also able to observer that each box had a number to it and each box had a different shape inside. Now that I have collected all of my data I need to come up with my hypothesis. My first hypothesis was that the shape was in the middle of the box because it might help hold the box together. The second hypothesis I was able to take a guess of the box having a wall down the center to keep the marble on one side. For my final…

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  • Roman Wall Painting Analysis

    the main attribute of the third style fresco. This garland allows the composition of the painting to be based around it. Objects such as a golden head of Silenos, a basket containing a snake, and many fruits hang from the garland. While drawings of marble are above the garland with more vegetation even higher than that, attempting to show of wealth that is also found in the first fresco. Most of the objects in the painting are iconography for the god Dionysus. Silenos is a satyr, a zoomorphic…

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  • Michelangelo's Perception Of Beauty In Art

    The search for beauty has been a fundamental quest of human civilization. We all have subjective ideals of the beautiful but as Plato would argue, we also have a bigger underlying understanding of beauty itself. No one goes to the Grand Canyon and considers it ugly; even the most adverse to natural environments have the ability to recognize its magnitude. Artistry has been built upon the ideals and dilemmas surrounding beauty. Throughout the years, artists have endeavored in individual journeys…

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  • Analysis Of The Basilica Of Santa Maria Novella

    These cloisters where decorated with detailed frescoes with scenes from the old testament as well as the lives of the Dominican saints. INTERIOR Inside the Church, the entire floor is tiled with white and black marble. The plan itself resembles that of a Latin cross. A large central corridor, consisting of a main nave and two side aisles, with two smaller cubicles branching off just before the minister would stand and deliver their sermon. The pillars that divide…

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  • Boston Massacre Monument

    This is a significant event in the history of United States, where British troops murdered some Americans after they formed a mob. This partly led up to the Revolutionary War where America fought Britain. This monument would be made of dolomitic marble. It would contain a 20 x 20 replication of Paul Revere’s engraving of the Boston Massacre, and under it an inscription explaining the Boston Massacre. The Boston Massacre happened when people in the English Colonies were…

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  • Pantheon Odyssey

    Corinthian, marble columns of Phrygian purple. All of the other alcoves within this room have one of two types of marble columns. The semi-circular ones are made with Phrygian purple, and the rectangular ones with Numidian yellow. Each alcove has three decorative recess sets for statues, along with a small window. There are seven windows placed around the rotunda walls. The floor of this building is checked with the colors grey granite, red porphyry, Numidian yellow and Phrygian purple marble…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Sharecropping

    brothers helping me along the way. It may have tolls on my body, but at least it’s not horribly awful. In the precious time I am not in the field this week, I found myself playing marbles. It is becoming an obsession. It is starting to be all I could think about! Strategies, new game ideas, if it had anything to do with marbles, I was doing it. My parents say I shouldn’t be so obsessed, and that I need to do other things, but I don’t…

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  • NGSS Midterm Reflection

    • Give students more time to plan their ideas and use materials closer to what students are working with when modeling - not just the marble run toy. • Behavioral specific praise - thank you for being such focused engineers. o Consider highlighting what some students were doing well. Some students are building sides for their track so the marble will go straight. Praising students so the whole class can try their ideas. This happened at the end of the lesson, but it may have been better…

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