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  • Donatello Renaissance

    David is two different pieces, the first one was an early work in marble of a clothed figure and the seconf a far more famous bronze figure that is nude between its helmet and boots, it dates to the 1430s or later. Donatello was commissioned in his early twenties to make the first David to top a cathedral in Florence. It was made of marble and was taken down soon after it was put up as it was deemed too small to be visible from the ground. The second…

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  • Dionysus And The Seasons Analysis

    Daphne Choy Prof. Kenfield Marble Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysos and the Seasons The Roman Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysos and the Seasons made from marble, is displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and dates back to the Late Imperial, Gallienic period around 260-270 A.D. Its accession number is 55.11.5 and can be found in the museum’s Greek and Roman Art Gallery. This piece was brought to the Metropolitan Museum from a collection of the dukes of Beaufort, where it had…

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  • Preschool Children Research Paper

    Preschool Children: The Stages of Development of When designing or developing a curriculum that encompasses the physical, social and emotional, as well as cognitive development of children ages 3 to 6. First, this writer would ensure the curriculum; activities, materials, and toys do not promote personal preferences, such as stereotypes of religion, political, gender, and race. As well safeguarding the equipment is operable and safe, clutter-free – meaning not blocking a child’s freedom to…

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  • Michelangelo: Famous Piece Of Art

    Michelangelo’s first famous piece of art was his sculpture of Mary and Jesus, otherwise known as Piet¬¬à. It was made in 1500 CE, and during this time it was very rare to see multi-figured sculptures. Made from one single piece of marble and standing at 5’8/12” (1.74 m) this piece of art is truly a masterpiece. This piece made Michelangelo famous for many reasons, at the young age of 25 he was already set out to be one of the greatest artists not only of his time but of all time, because of his…

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  • Analysis Of The Return By Ngugi Wa Thhiong O

    (a) The relationship between the children before Rami tells his story is fun, playful, and relaxing. They are just two kids hanging out having fun. Although they fight about the marbles, it is only childish fighting and they get over it. (b) One thing that causes conflict between Rami and the narrator is the lead-toned marble. They fight over it, and it is mentioned in Rami’s story. (a) Rami’s house in Bethlehem fell apart and became a pile of rubble. It does not tell the readers exactly what…

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  • Descartes's Argument Essay: The Value Of Individual Identity

    The importance of individuality has been something not just emphasized by human beings but is deemed a part of human nature. But what really makes a person who they are? Is it the color of one 's hair or the contour of his or her face? Along with these genetic traits, comes numerous individual similarities with parents such as interests and even a person 's accent. This idea of individuality, or also known as the self, is the personality and ideas that are in each individual that separate them…

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  • Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Research Paper

    Arlington National Cemetery the is a monument called the, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is a huge white marble Tomb. It's a very safe place and it gets the attention of tourists. In Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia there is a huge hollow white marble statue called the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The tomb is 10 feet 10.75 inches tall, 14 feet 11 inches long, and 8 feet wide. It is made of white marble. The the words engraved on the tomb are, "Here Rests In Honored Glory An American…

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  • Explain How Games Technology And Communication Have Changed Over Time

    has changed greatly within the last 100 years, or so. They used to wear uniforms with leather (pigskin) helmets. Back in the early 1900s, they used to play with marbles, and they thought that was very entertaining. Individuals would draw a circle in the dirt, and try to hit other people’s marble with theirs. The only rule is your marble can’t go out of the circle, or you lose points. Children would also play hopscotch with their peers at school. Sometimes, they would play it all day long! …

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  • The Importance Of Land Change

    Land, according to Rossiter (1996), is defined as the area of the earth’s surface characterised by atmosphere, soil, underlying geology, hydrology and the biotic components such as plants and animals. These attributes bring into play a significant influence on the present and future uses of the land by us humans. The turned focus to land for the sourcing out of food, extraction of natural resources and as a source of income for individuals, has been a norm for years. Decisions on land use have…

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  • Essay On Venus De Milo

    statue in the world of art; Venus de Milo is on display for public view in the louvre Museum in Paris, for all the world to see and marvel at its beauty and mystery. The medium Alexandros used to create Venus de Milo was Italian marble, a type of white high quality marble popularly used in sculpture. Italian marble’s durability and translucency has made it a popular choice among many great ancient Greek artists such as Polykeitos,…

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