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  • Essay On The Marble Chop

    The Marble Champ Literary Essay All around the world, people struggle with lack of hard work, but whether it’s sports, school, or your job, you should always work as hard as you can. Gary Soto, the author of ¨The Marble Champ¨, teaches us that hard work does pays off. Lupe was not a very athletic girl, therefore she knew that she would have to give her all to become a winner. Although it may have been hard, Lupe did work as hard as she could, and not only did she succeed, but she also learned…

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  • The Importance Of The Elgin Marbles

    centuries many people believe that the British Museum should return the Parthenon Marbles aka the Elgin Marbles back to Greece. These Marbles have great historical and cultural significance in Greece and it is where they belong. Lord Elgin had no right to remove the Marbles from the Parthenon to being with, getting permission from the Ottomans who were occupying Greece. I believe that the British Museum should return the Marbles back to Greece.…

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  • Marble Champ Story

    Marble Champ Have you ever been so determined that you would drop everything just to be the best. In the story Marble Champ that is the exact thing it focused on. Some examples are that Lupe kept herself motivated, did not give up, and took time out of her short day. All of this evidence proves that the story Marble Champ by Gary Soto the text shows determination is key throughout the great story. The first example, why the story Marble Champ shows determination is key because Lupe…

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  • Marbles In The Classroom Assignment

    When it came to the math questions I asked her the following: 1. Miss. C has 15 pockets. She puts 8 Jolly-Ranchers in each pocket. How many marbles does Miss. C have? 2. There are 30 marbles that 6 friends want to share evenly. Each friend wants to have the same number. How many marbles can each friend have? 3. Miss. Salome has 23 goldfish. She wants to put the goldfish into jars, with 10 goldfish in each jar. How many jars does she need? 4. Sarah has 9 boxes…

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  • Character Analysis: The Marble Champ

    are many wonderful short stories in the world about amazing role models. However, it is very hard to show what it takes to be an amazing person to look up . On the other hand, in the story, “ The Marble Champ,” by Gary Soto, a girl named Lupe who is not very athletic discovered the sport called marbles, and in doing so she shows what it takes to be a good role model with flying colors. She shows what it takes to be a good role model by being intelligent, a hard worker, and a good sport. One…

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  • Marble Slab Case Analysis

    through all parts, rich and poor. These advertisements will be very visible to both drivers and pedestrians. A strong bus ad campaign may help create buzz about the new Marble Slab location. Young adults frequently use public transit, and therefore may be more exposed to the advertisements. The advertisements should focus on the Marble Slab’s location and the fact that there is now a…

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  • Cleaning Marble Floors Essay

    Cleaning Marble Floors Marble isn't just an excellent searching stone, it's also very durable. Marble floors and counter tops may cost a lot of money would you like to make certain you are taking proper proper care of them. Taking special proper care of this kind of stone can be tough but when the marble is extremely well taken proper care of, the shine it brings could make any room much more elegant. When cleaning marble floors, certain things should be considered. Bear in mind that marble…

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  • Doric Size Essay

    by Phedias, who has made his mark in Greece in his specialization in gold and ivory statues. He established a general perception of Zeus and Athena while also depicting myths of battles. Pheidias is responsible of the construction of the Parthenon marbles that served as a treasury as well as a temple dedicated…

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  • Ghost Marbles Research Paper

    I believe that you have heard about ghost marbles. People can sometimes hear sounds like marbles falling on the ground above their ceilings, and some people called it ghost marbles. However, it turned out that it was the steel bar that moving slightly caused by the mould which grows among the bars as the buildings get old. It eventually turned out that the disturbing…

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  • Parthenon Marble Collection Research Paper

    immediately notice the Parthenon marble cast collection against the wall. However, these marbles cast are copies of the originals, but these are so perfectly redone that you can probably mistake them for the originals. The design of the hallway, which the marble cast collection is in, is so simple and elegant that it also brings life to the marble collection, but not too elegant so it won’t steal the shine of the amazing marble cast collection. The Parthenon marble collection originated from the…

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