Parthenon Marbles Essay

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The Parthenon’s Marbles Belong to Greece
Parthenon’s or Elgin’s Marbles have been the talk among historians and politicians for quite some time now. The official name of the marbles are Parthenon because they were made to adorn the Temple to Athena Parthenos in Athens. However, they are also known the Elgin’s marbles because they were removed by the British lord Elgin, who removed the marbles from Greece and shipped them to England. Parthenon’s is a group of marbles that were created in the 5th century and they were there until 1801. Even though Parthenon’s Marbles are in the British Museum now safe and secure, these marbles belong to Greece. 200 years ago the British Museum bought the marbles but it is time for them to give it back. They are
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It has been taken into pieces and different countries around the world own it. However, Greece has been asking everyone to give the marbles back to them and things are starting to change for them. Vatican owned part of the marbles and they sent it back acknowledging, it was the right thing to do. While other countries hold small pieces Parthenon’s, British Museum holds the largest piece of the Parthenon’s. They hold 247ft of the 524ft of the actual sculpture. Even the people of England believe the Marbles should go back. A study done by YOUGOV ( appears that 37% of the people are in favor of the marbles to back. While 32% said they do not mind either way and 23% said it should stay in England. The support is not just among the citizens of the country. Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock also argues that the marbles should go back (John Henry, Thinking about the Elgin Marbles). However, right after the election victory of Tony Blair in 1997, Chris Smith the heritage secretary refused to fulfill the promise. British Museum must realize that cultural imperialism and dying. They cannot hold on to artistic treasures that were acquired by them during their ruling of other countries. Arts and sculptures belong to the country they were made for and not the empire ruling

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