Personal Narrative: My First Musical Performance

It was my first musical performance in front of the entire school. I felt an immense storm of anxiety rush down me, my feet were trembling, and I could barely get a word out of my clenched mouth. My clarinet was soaked from the sweat. Everywhere I looked, there was either a teacher or a student staring intensely at my direction and all I was capable of doing was looking away. I was terrified to think about what would happen if I made a mistake. Halfway through the performance, I could not take it, I wanted to get up and leave for good. After the performance, I thought to myself all day of the coward person I was up there but I was only nine.
As a young kid, I was a shy person growing up. I faced many adversities when it came to doing things publicly like
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I now have mastered the basics of the clarinet, somewhat of the saxophone, and the sousaphone. I have also been in a traditional Mexican band for more than five years and have performed for all types of occasions. For example birthday parties, baptisms, parades, and many more occasions. When I found out that Unity was hosting a school talent show, my mouth dropped. I immediately informed my friends about it because it was my objective to perform for everyone at school. I had to prove to myself I could do it and I had to forget about what had happened eight years ago. Performing for the school talent show would show my growth.
The day had finally come, and we were up next. I grabbed the 40 pound sousaphone and set it over my tense shoulders. As we walked up the stage, all my friends and teachers began chanting my name. My heart slowly began climbing up my throat but all it took was a deep breath to calm myself down. I had it all in the bag! When we finished our performance, I was ready to play more but unfortunately our time was up. Luckily, we were able to play a couple of songs for the school during our

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