My Life In A Band Essay

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Seven years of my life I played an instrument in a band for my hometown of Watertown, WI; little did I know that I would learn much more than playing music. Band Ensemble is a group I was motivated to join because of my brother and friends. After I joined the group and began playing the tuba, I always felt like I had a place. Being in band, I felt like I was a part of my community.
First, I was drawn to band because I was interested in being a part of a team. Band was a lot of people coming together to create music, like a team. Not only had some of my friends joined, my brother, Pedro, had previously enjoyed playing in band ensemble. He encouraged me by stating, “I met some of my closest friends in band.” It was a new experience he highly
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From sixth to eighth grade I was shy and nervous to play in front of anyone besides playing as a group. During my ninth year, now in high school, I got new band instructors, new difficulty in music, and the larger version of the tuba. I felt that I was beginning to feel more courageous and decided to join Solo Ensemble. Solo Ensemble is a time of year where you or a small group of instruments can compete in a music competition. It would be like a divisional tournament for basketball. If you do well enough, you get to move on to the next round, which would be State Solo Ensemble. Depending on how you perform you get awards. Being the shy guy that I was, this was a big step for me. During my last years of high school I played a song, “In The Hall Of The Mountain King,” in Solo Ensemble event and was awarded a gold, B class medal. I was very proud of this medal. One of my biggest achievements is simply playing in a volunteer group for the Salvation Army every year with my brother. Even though I am no longer in band I still participate in this every year. My brother organizes a four or five person band and we play in grocery stores in lieu of donations. It is important that I give back to the community that has helped raise

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