Wikipedia Comparison Essay

With a smartphone – a person holds the knowledge of the world in one hand. The internet overflows with information and is valuable when exploring something new. However, regulating such a vast ocean of information is a near impossible task, and this blurs the line between fact and fiction. Wikipedia allows anyone to openly contribute to any subject, which in turn can lead to a lack of, or worse yet, false information. The validity and organization of an article is of supreme importance on Wikipedia, especially when comparing two articles, such as the two cities of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Homyel, Belarus.
Any city article’s introductory paragraphs usually focus on unique aspects that best exemplify that city. Albuquerque 's article uses
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Albuquerque 's article does not stray far from this arrangement. It supports each heading with several paragraphs, sub-headings, and a “see also” section. This approach yields a diverse, well-rounded article that covers all aspects of the city. Homyel 's article primarily focuses on the city’s history, which comprises roughly half of the whole article. The length of each heading is inconsistent. Some headings are well written with ample detail while others are only a single sentence, and Homyel is missing a “see also” heading in the English version. Albuquerque 's article offers a structured, planned out, and developed format, whereas Homyel 's takes a more irregular …show more content…
Albuquerque 's article uses over thirty pictures throughout its text. The majority of them portray the physical landscape of the city in a positive style. Pictures of buildings towering in front of a clear sky make the city look attractive to visit. The pictures relate to and provide a better understanding of the text. A total of twelve pictures are present in Homyel’s article, most of which are not even from this century. These pictures are neutral, showing city maps and historical figures. However, they do not capture the current city effectively. The article could better portray the city with relevant pictures of the city

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