Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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The world may wonder how people ever survived without the Internet before it came into their lives. They have grown accustomed to the easiness the Internet provides. The work that used to take someone hours or even days and weeks to accomplish can be achieved within minutes. In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr introduces us to the idea that people are allowing the Internet to think for them. Are the readers of the world losing the ability to think for themselves? Are they allowing others to do the long, tedious research just because they can? Carr’s writing is influential because he gives accurate cause and effects of his argument, shows his knowledge of the topic while presenting both sides of the issue, and makes his words exciting and interesting for the reader.
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89). Carr believes that the minds of humans are becoming emotionless and robotic. “As we come to rely on computers to mediate our understanding of the world, it is our own intelligence that flattens into artificial intelligence” (p. 96). Society is allowing computers to do most of the thinking for them by relying so much on its information and processing.
The tone of Carr’s essay is personal as he connects with the readers by finding similarities in his experiences, as well as others. He gives the reader examples of how he functions now as a reader with the distractions of the Internet and other media. He lets the reader know that no matter how much education and knowledge someone attains, everyone still suffers from the same distractions and issues. “The deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle” (p. 89). While Carr is speaking about himself, his experience is meant to evoke feelings in his readers who also

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