Google Making USupid

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In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr emphasizes that he believes that the internet, Google in particular, is causing a negative change in the way people think. Throughout his article, Carr makes numerous great points and provides much evidence to support his claims. Although a majority of his points are valuable, not all convey his thoughts adequately or administer the right emotions. It is also important to point out that placing the blame solely on the internet, and not acknowledging that there are other factors that may contribute to this problem, is a bit of a reach.
Carr cites different sources, such as theorist Marshall McLuhan and psychologist Maryanne Wolf, to give his statements some credibility. These people are well-respected and add effective facts to this opinionated article. Alongside these men and women, he also references a few of his friends. This is where a problem may occur, as this could potentially indicate there was a bias in his research. Using a personal source may not have been the best choice, as anyone could obtain a quote from a friend. Someone who is already
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With any new idea or concept, there will be controversy and critiques. It is human nature for people to question something that could potentially alter the world. The invention of the automobile could be used as an example of a life changing event. There were clearly skeptics when the automobile was first introduced, but now nearly everyone is in favor of it. The same could be said about the internet. The internet’s impact on society is slightly different though, as it is focused more on cognitive concerns. One can understand where Carr is coming from when he says his mind is changing, it just seems a silly to blame all of this on

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