Reflection On Writing Writing, And Writing Tebits

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A poem or a story begins with a word. But how do you begin? The writing process is just as important as the products that result from it. What methods, habits, and approaches do you find helpful as you write? What is already working for you, and what would you like to do differently? For a week or so, take note of your own writing habits. Think about these questions as you write is what I used to do my blogs for seminar one. I kept all of this in mind will I was writing my blogs for the first week (1_Longman_CW pgs_i-viii(1).pdf). To me, staying focus when I am writing is hard. I have to keep in mind what is working for me.
2. Who were the two students (names required) you responded to for the blog comments assignments? Reflect on your imagining, thinking, and writing processes used to complete your comments to Blog Entry 1 and Blog Entry 2. Outline steps you took.
The two students that I
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I feel that this was my best contribution to the discussion board this week. I feel this demonstrated solid engagement by taking the time to watch the video and taking notes and rewriting this all up and posting it to the discussion board. I watch the video 4 or 5 times to be able to write this up. I do wish that more people would have commented on it to get discussion on it. It did get some discussion but would like to have seen more.
4. What was the single, most useful part of this seminar for you? Why?
I feel that all the post and different material that you made available to me got me through seminar 1. I can ask question of you and you get back to me right away. I think that all the material was easy to access. You made really clear that assignments must be posted by the due dates. The name convention is way better in this class too, know that I have practiced and I got the hang of it. I know you said only one but felt that there was more than one. I think that all this got me through seminar

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