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The first thing I do when assigned a new writing assignment is look over the rubric to see what my essay should compose of. Once I Have done that I can select a specific topic that I want to write about. I like to just think about my essay and all of its components before I start to write anything on paper. If the topic involves research I will look it up to make sure this is what I want to write about. After that I write my ideas down on a piece of paper or make a small outline composing of the main topics of my body paragraphs in the essay. When I start the draft I think to myself what is an exciting way I can introduce my topic? It doesn’t always work out well, but as long as I include background information and a thesis I am satisfied with …show more content…
The first edit I made to all my papers was to fix the MLA heading, reverse indent my citations, and take out the websites from my bibliography. The next universal problem I had to fix was to get rid of all contractions, first and second person pronouns in the last two essays, and stay in past tense. With the music moment narrative I deleted some excess sentences that just fluffed the word count and added more description to in scene action. One of the biggest problems with this essay was the word choice and flow because it seemed like I was just trying to answer the questions in the prompt directly. To fix that I took out any phrase that was contained in the rubric and reword it to still answer the question and provide more selective detail to make the paper flow better. When revising for the Song Analysis Essay I went back and elaborated and addressed my rhetoric appeals which showed a more clear distinctions between the different covers of the song and the original. I started to read the whole essay and reword some sentence to clearly show the message I was trying to give off to the read. I also add more information and interpretive work to the paragraph addressing Elvis’s address the topics in the outline better. For the Mea Culpa essay I applied the same techniques for revision I did to the other essays. I went back and watched Michael Richard’s apology over to talk more specifically about what he was

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