Reflection Of Blog, Blogs, Podcast, And Twitter

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In this lab we learned about tools we could use as teachers; they were blogs, podcast, and twitter. Learning about the tools I learned that the word “Blog” came from “web logs”; I found that really interesting. Blogs are web pages that can be created by anyone. They are similar to a personal journal. To start using a blog, you create a website. Then when you have that created, you are ready to write whatever you please to write about; videos, writings and pictures. Its like an online diary that everyone can see. Blogs are more meaning full then podcast and twitter accounts. In a blog you choose to talk about something that you are passionate about. An example that I saw that caught my attention was, Ms. Cassidy’s classroom blog. I liked how …show more content…
I personally own a twitter account, so I am informed on what twitter is and how you use it. Twitter is an online social networking service that you ‘tweet’ a message that has a limit of 140 character or less. When I had first created my twitter account, it was confusing; but like I had mentioned earlier, all you do is tweet small things about your life in less then 140 characters. You can follow your friends, celebrity’s, politicians, and anyone who has an account. When you follow them you are allowed to see their tweets about their opinion and what they do throughout their day. If you agree on their opinions or whatever they tweet, you can favorite or like their tweets. There are other little things you can do with twitter like; post videos, gif videos, links, and pictures. With hashtags, you can join in on the topic and state your opinion. Twitter is meant for short and simple tweets. Similar format to a blog, but is simplified and is straight to the point. Since twitter is one of the main popular social media tools, it would be a good idea to create one for your classroom. I have had teachers that created twitter accounts and post reminders about assignments that are really helpful. As a teacher in the future I do see myself using this tool to stay connected with my students and their

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