College Freshmen: The Influence Of Blogs

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According to dictionaries,
“a blog is a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. There are also blog posts included on blogs, and those are defined as a single entry or post on such a website,” (
Blogs have continued to become more popular as the years have progressed. There are millions of blogs on the Internet, and thousands of different topics. If there is a topic that you want to learn more about, then there are thousands of blogs out there that you can refer to. College freshmen are constantly trying to find advice and motivation to help them get through their first year of college. Blogs are a great option
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People have been going to college for years, and I would think that back then there would be some sources that could help college students like the sources there are today. There may have not been blogs back then, but there were sources such as college catalogues. Talking to people at the colleges or universities could also help incoming freshmen obtain advice. College is such a large community so if you ever need advice or motivation, and you did not want to use the sources previously listed then you could just talk to another student! It will probably benefit you better if you talked with other students, because they are experiencing some of the same things you are! Someone that works with the university could help you as well, but I think talking with another student would be a better option. The sub-genre of college advice and motivation gives the college community to express some of the difficulties of college and basically how to survive! Whenever someone is talking about college, the majority of the time they will give you some form of advice or motivation. Every college student struggles at some point, so this particular sub-genre is out there to help these types of …show more content…
Some of the things that student’s with and without a disability struggle with consist of: feeling overloaded with work, prioritizing/knowing where to begin assignments, the amount of writing and standards for their writing, study skills, test taking and preparation, note taking, and organization. (Hamblet) Students with a disability will struggle with these things more than a student without a disability. However, students without a disability can still struggle with these things too! Especially transitioning from high school to college. Hamblet stated, “All college students are responsible for their own learning…” (Hamblet par. 14) This is relevant to all college students no matter the age or the “grade” they are in. Ultimately, each student is responsible for his or her own work. Family members and teachers can give advice and motivate their students all day. However, the material learned and the grades receive all depends on the individual

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