Differences In Marriage

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Americans accept dating someone within that same group. Asian married other Asian from the same group and black married other black from the same race. Some people said do not mind marrying someone from another race. Researchers found out the online dating website Match.com demonstrated that whites are more likely to date Hispanic. Younger people are more likely to date outside of their race than older people. There are many differences between intermarriage. According to researchers, 11 percent of 2008 intermarriage were between black and white. Hispanic men and women married outside of their ethnic group. I am shocked that Asian does not want to marry an American born. They should at least try to marry Americans since they are in America …show more content…
People need to learn to express themselves. People learned from each other , be supportive, and encouraging one another in times of need. Difference in marriage does not destroy people and people believe that opposite do attract. In healthy relationship, people solve their problem, forgive, and move on. In a relationship, couples use argue as a tool to have power over the other partner. People talk about relationships and what marriage looks like for them.
I agree with this article that you should always put your relationship first. The internet suggests that couples should make communication a priority in a relationship and Knox and Schacht states the same suggestion in chapter 7. I believe that sharing emotion bond and connecting with other people will help couples grow in their relationship. When you are in love , it hard to believe that whatever your partner did in the past he will do it again. That is true because you do not know what people are capable of doing. I do believe that people who forgives and forgets and moves on with their life have healthy
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People might choose spouses that are different from themselves. For example, younger women date or marry someone who is a lot older or younger than themselves. People who have a low level of education are likely to be involved in age discrepant marriage relationships or older. Age discrepant relationships are less successful than age similar relationship.
I do not want to marry someone who is older than me because I would feel like I am dating or marrying my father. I think younger women who married older men are only after the person 's money because if he or she is older, it won 't take long before he died. The internet is on the same track as Knox and Schacht. Knox and Schacht state that older men are looking for younger women to have fun with. Older men are marrying younger women.

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