Marriage And Family Interview Essay

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Marriage and Family Interview
Fundamentally, I believe marriage is diverse, since individuals originate from different backgrounds and cultures. Individuals, including married couples, have different values, beliefs, and attitudes towards life, such as parenting styles, rituals, traditions, and religious and spirituality affiliations, to name a few. Additionally, many couples decide not to have children. As counselors, we learn that each client is different, and the same goes for couples, as they are dissimilar from one another. However, I do believe that couples face similar struggles, such compromising and sacrificing. I assume married couples experience extreme difficulty with compromises. For example, my boyfriend and I have trouble compromising with each other on simple dilemmas. I can only imagine compromise being even harder within a marriage. Since I do not know much
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Jimmy said they see struggles in a positive manner. They believe that struggles make their relationship stronger. “It’s like the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you, really does make you stronger” (J Lee, personal communication, March, 12, 2016). As a close observer and grandchild, I see this statement to be true as most of their struggles just bring them closer together as a couple.
How did your relationship change after having children?
Furthermore, I wanted to know more about their relationship after having children. Thus, I asked my grandparents, “How did your relationship change after having children?” Jimmy expressed that they spent less time together once children came into the picture (personal communication, March 12, 2016). He said that vacations and weekend getaways decreased. Instead, they had to make time to raise their three children. Fortunately, once their children got older, they started to go on family vacations.
Have you ever sought marriage

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