Analysis Of Will Your Marriage Last? By Brooke Lea Foster

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According to the article, “Will Your Marriage Last?” by Brooke Lea Foster, there are many factors that come into play when it comes to having a happy, successful marriage and avoiding divorce. On the other hand, Foster states that there are more factors that may distress a marriage thus leading to divorce rather than maintaining a happy marriage. Some factors that lead to divorce are interracial marrying, moving in prior to marrying, and having a child (Foster 107). I can agree with Foster that it is surprising to find out that moving in with your partner prior to marriage would lead to feeling like they are forced into a life long commitment rather than choosing to be in one. I find this to be extremely surprising considering that living together before marrying would be beneficial in seeing whether the partnership would work out. Bringing a child into marriage can do 1 out 2 things, and that is strain the marriage or enrich the marriage. This is so because, a child may bring stress, less quality time between the couple, and new responsibilities to the marriage. On the contrary, many may argue that having a child will enrich the marriage by fulfilling the desire of wanting to …show more content…
It is very difficult to keep a marriage intact, happy, and healthy when there are a lot of negative aspects in society. Some including: culture, religion, and education. However, not all couples are to get divorced because of these reasons.
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